Sunday, February 5, 2012

An old fashioned SKIN blog? Not really...

OK I wanted to make an old fashioned skin blog today but I found so many goodies that I can't resist to put something more than skins on this blog.
I heard for Americans the Superbowl is something really special, and even though I have no clue why I want to ut the great SUPERBOWL hair and caps Chichickie has as a special offer  for just 100 L$ each. Each set (there is also a male one, not shown) comes with 4 colors for each team (8 hairst total, or in the case of the hats, 2 hats).

This lovely jewelry set is a new release by LaRosa. It is a perfect Valentine gift (hint for the guys) and it is simply lovely. Prices at LaRosa are very affordable, you won't break the bank getting this lovely set.
The set comes with 2 different kind of earrings, bracelets, 2 rings, and a lovely necklace.
And this lovely set is the newest group gift by Virtual Impressions !
Boho Hobo has released some GREAT belts. Well not actually some, MANY ! And they are just so great ! The purple one is on special offer for just 22 L$. They come with a resizer script.

And now over to the skins. This lovely skin is a Valentine gift by Heartsick for their group members and what else can it be called than Juliet? You get 3 skin tones, each with or without cleavage. Thank you so much Amesha !
The next skin is a group gift by LUZ. You get the lovely Amber Pale with 2 cleavage options as a group gift or as a subscribo member.
LUZ laso released a new skin called Phoebe and it comes in 4 skin tones. I am not showing the darkest one as my pics weren't good enough. This skin is only 50 L$ ladies, so that is a real bargain !
The next skin is called Ariane and it is by Urban Girl and it is just 10 L$. Just hop over to the Urban Girl 10 L$ store and all the outfits and skins there are all 10 L$ so you can get as many as you want !
This lovely skin is a new release by Essences. I blogged them many times in the past, but I think they closed for a while? Well now I found them here is the lovely skin called Elena. It comes in many skin tones, with a breast enhancer and with some lovely make-ips. Essences also has released new lipsticks in many lovely shades.

The next skins are gifts in the ZombiePopcorn hunt. You have to find a red and white striped bag of popcorn with a zombie inside it to get the lovely gifts from this hunt. If you are so clever to find the one at Skintimate this great pale skin is yours to wear.
Or you can try and find the popcorn at Quarantine and then you will get these great broken dolly skins. There are 3 different ones in the popcorn.
This skin is hidden inside the bag of popcorn at Insanya. You just have to find it to wear it ladies.
In the ZombiePopcorn hunt you can also find some great stuff to wear with these skins, like the creepy eyes Repulse has hidden insid etheir bag of popcron.
Or you can try and find the popcorn at Pin me Down. They have hidden these face and chest tattoos inside their bag of popcorn.
This stolen heart is hidden inside the popcorn at Indigo Oddities. All you have to do is find the bag of popcorn and you can show the world someone has stolen your love.
And Contraption is also participating in the Zombiepopcorn hunt. They have hidden this pace of my heart item inside their bag of popcorn.
Last one for today is is the hunt gift from the ZombiePopcorn hunt at AD Creations. WOW That must have hurt...but if you like it find the popcorn at the store.


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