Saturday, February 11, 2012

3 days till Valentines Day.

Only 3 days to go till Valentines Day and there are a few things that I need to blog before that day ! Like these crazy romantic boots by Polished shoes. They are not free (99 L$) but they are such GREAT Valentine boots that I had to show you them. Polished shoes also has some very romantic Valentine shoes in store. I love the details on the back, diamonds and roses, what more can a girl ask for? Shoes are also 99 L$. Polished shoes also has a Midnight Mania board at the store, a lucky board AND 3 camping chairs ! Joining the group is a good idea as there are many short term actions for the group.

This lovely salsa dress is the newest group gift by Sascha's Design. There is a 50 L$ enrollment fee but you get all previous free monthly group gowns and dresses back to 2008, Which means you get about 50 great quality outfits :)
Each week Sascha's design has two new 60 L$ offers. These are the ones for this week.
LUZ has a weekend special too (only this weekend !) and it is called Instead of roses....the lovely shoes come with the dress !
22769 has their 2nd aniversary of their Valentine hunt. It is a store hunt and if you find all 5 gifts at the store you will be the proud owner of this great outfit (shoes included)!

22769 is also takeing part in a Gatcha event at AMIRA. It is the first time they take part in this event. You pay 25 L$ and you get one of these great sweaters :) I got the lovely black and red one which is the rare special item in the 22769 Gatcha :)

Then 22769 is also taking part in the Back2Black event. This is what they write about it: An event organised by CHIC to raise awareness for mental health issues. Each vendor got a word he had to make items for. We received: HOME. So we made a special edition of the doublejumper for the guys and a complete new home-outfit for the girls. Available exclusive at Back2Black. The outfit is 150 L$ and only available at Back2Black.
Next is the lovely skin JeSyLiLo has send to their group members as a Valentine present. The skin is a beauty ! Thank you so much JeSyLiLo !
JeSyLiLo is also taking part in the ZombiePopcornHunt and if you find the popcorn at their store you will get the lovely skin on the right.
Over to the lovely group gift Lazuri is giving their group members. I love the little butterflies, they give me a real spring feeling !
I am wearing the lovely Lazuri group gift with the gift you can find at Vogue. They have this elegant  violet layered skirt as a gift for everyone and if you are a group member you get the fatpack ! The low cut sweater is a freebie by HOC Industries (I colored the white one into violet in appearance).
If it is still winter on your side of the screen you might want to visit Cilian'gel. They are participating in the Seasons Palette hunt (find a palette) and you get this great cap, the mittens and the scarf, perfect for a cold winter day. I had to adjust (stretch) the cap or it wouldn't fit my hair.
The ZombiePopcornHunt runs till February 15th so that is till Wednesday. You don't have much time left to find the great gifts from this hunt ! I found this GREAT bag inside the bag of popcorn at GOK ! You can wear it in different ways and you can even wear 2 or 3 at the same time :)
And the cute hair I am wearing with this outfit above is by Pocket Mirrors. You get 2 lovely hairstyles if you find the popcorn at their store !

This lovely blue dress is the hunt price inside the popcorn at The Spirit store, so if you want to wear it find the popcorn there !
And this elegant dress is inside the popcorn at Sassy. WOW I love the sleeves and the lovely backside !
These great caps or beanies are by Y&R and they are hidden insid ethe red and white striped bag of popcorn.

Then I stumbled  across a few gifts from the Womans Stuff Hunt. You have to find a red T-shirt at the stores and I found the one at The Corsetry. You get this lovely black and white corset dress.
The next T-shirt was found at Body Doubles and you get a lovely shape called Laika if you find the red shirt. The shape comes with a few romantic haert tattoos. Shoes are Audrey pumps by BabyMonkey.
Last one from the Womans Stuff Hunt is this great pink set by Blacklace. The hunt items are where all the free gifts are situated at the store.