Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shall we go hunting dear?

And would you like to travel light?
I stood for a while at the lucky boards of Milky Way and even though they have plenty LB the only thing I got was this green skirt. The top is an older freebie by HOC Industries, the shoes are also by HOC Industries (not free) and the bag is called Bella and it is a mesh bag which is free on Marketplace. In this outfit I can travel light :)
Then I went to *M*S*G* and they have 5 lucky boards too. I was very lucky, I got all 5 outfits and hair. Look below :) There are many questionmarks on the boards and you can TP your friends ofcourse !
On the last 2 pics only the SKIRT is from the lucky boards. The grey shirt is by Jane. The Nintendo and the PSP are both available at the store for free.

There are a lot of hunts going on at Modish skins. It is a rather small shop and you can find hunt items everywhere you turn. So if you want a new skin why not give it a go? There is also a lovely group gift skin, joining is free.
Another shop that has plenty hunts going on is Sassy. And the gifts are so beautiful, you can't resist them ! Just put on your hunting gear and get hunting ladies.

The ZombiePopcorn hunt is far from over and I still have some very nice gifts to blog from this hunt ! I found quite a lot of shirts, tops, sweaters in this hunt but not many skirts or pants. So below is what I found inside the red and white striped popcorn bags at the stores.
In this first outfit the top is by Evale and the skirt is by Luzza.
In this next outfit the sweaters are by Paperdoll and the panties are by Damned. You get some more colors, just showing you 4. Find the bag of popcorn ladies and they are yours to wear :)
If you like to get some more cute panties you can go to Razorblade Jacket. They are participating in the SSH hunt and if you find the hunt item you wiill get all these great panties. The elegant silk jacket is a former freebie by Mr. Poet, which is still available.
Here I am wearing the sweater I found inside the bag of popcorn at YO PULGA and the skirt is by EY NO. The skirt is lovely and has cute pockets on the bum, you can see it in one of the other pictures.
I am wearing the EY NO skirt with the sweater from C'Est moi. Both are gifts in the ZombiePopcorn hunt, so find the bag with opocorn :) You can see the cute pockets here.
In the next picture I am wearing the EY NO skirt again with a shirt by Lethal Couture. You just have to find the popcorn ladies !
You can hardly see it but I am wearing the EY NO skirt with this warm sweater by Vilena design. It is hidden insid etheir bag of popcorn so you have to look for it at the store if youw ant to get this great sweater  (or the skirt).
This next shirt is by Koketka and I am wearing the pants I found inside the popcorn at D Select with them. Don't eat all the popcorn ladies or you won't fit into the clothes anymore !
Koketka is also participating in the Season Palette hunt (find a palette) and if you find the palette at their store you get this cute cropped sweater with the arm warmers. Jeans and shoes by HOC Industries.
Last one for today is the gift BOOM has hidden inside their bag of popcorn, sexy shorts in red. I styled it with the corset style shirt by M O N S which is also a gift in the ZombiePopcorn hunt. You get 2 colors of the shirt.

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