Friday, February 3, 2012

Some great hair, some great skins and my appologies...

Let me start with my appologies to Gizza. I blogged that their present giver at Mimi's place didn't work. I overlooked that it wasn't the Gizza group I had to join but the Mimi's Place group. After I joined I got the present. But it doesn't change the fact that the Gizza owner/designer never took the time to answer my note to them about the present giver.
So here I am as the Sexy Farmer...the gift from Gizza at Mimi's choice.
Then I got this GREAT hair by Gesamtkunstwerk. It is their newest group gift and it has the WOW Factor like all their great hair !!!
Tameless has some great new releases, like this lovely Esther hair. The price during the 1st week of release is just 199 L$ for a 4 color pack (color changeable with an easy to use hud, the hair color can be changed and the streak color too). You can wear the Esther hair with or without the braid.
The mega color pack is in the first week just 399 L$.

This hair is also a new release by Tameless and it is called Rose. There is also a complete new avatar released by Tameless which is also called Rose (and which comes with the Rose hair). The comlete avatars are 499 L$ but in the first week just 399 L$.

Then Heartsick send out this LOVELY skin as a group gift. It comes in 3 skintones, one very dark, a tanned one and a light one. The skins are called Misaki and you get a freckled version and 2 different cleavages.
The next skin is by Panda Plunx and it is from their Midnight Mania board. It doesn't need many clicks, so get your friends over and start clicking if you ike these skins. They come in 2 skintones and you get a freckled one and 2 different cleavages.
These lovely outfits are by Sascha's Design. Each week there are two 60 L$ offers and these are the ones for the upcoming week !

The lovely shoes were blogged yesterday, they are by B&G shoes for the Designer Circle. You can find the entrance on my blog HERE.
To wear with these lovely dresses or gowns the make up DAMNED has put in their lucky chair is GREAT! Lovely pink lips, heavy eyeliner, smokey eyes...perfect to wear with a gown :)
These next pictures are taken by Pulp Faxel. She is a great photographer and she took pictures of some lovely gowns by Sascha's Design. The green gown is called Trouble and the white gown is called Midnight Shine (both are NOT free). The cute pink hair is a former group gift by Gizza (still available, comes with a dress).
You can find Pulps other pictures HERE. You can leave a review there too !

There is a very fun hunt going on at AIDORU. Jara hid 10 dice in the shop and each one contains a lovely gift. They are not that hard to find :) and hunting is always fun especially when you get these lovely presents (each one is 1 L$)!
The fun thing is that she will change the gifts every few days or so and the dice will colorchange when ever the gift has been changed, so you can see if you already have the gift or not. So come back frequently !!!
And NOW for the presents hidden in the dice at AIDORU:
5 are for guys...these ones:

5 are for gals, these ones at AIDORU:

Over to Tara. They are giving these very cute shoes as a present at their store. But not only the shoes are there as a present, also some great pants with tops. And some cute leggings (in 2 versions). And the last gift at Tara are these sexy hotpants in 3 colors.

Graffiti wear has changed their Midnight Mania gift, their Lucky board gift and their unlucky dip gift. Look below :)

Then I did some shopping on Marketplace.
Actually I shopped for Valentine outfits and gifts, but I found so many that I I can fill 2 blogs with them :)
These elegant Dragon dresses are a mesh freebie by Curious Kitties. You get a black and a silver one.
And this great gown is by Augusta Creations and it is called Claire. A lovely black gown to wear to your parties this month. It costs 10 L$ ladies to get this lovely gown.
This lovely dark red gown is by AKA Lady (1 L$ for this lovely gown) and I styled it with some Christmas jewelry, Pointsettia roses by Elle et Lui (also 1 L$ for the necklace and earrings)
The next outfit is called Strip'd crazy bitch and you can find it HERE for just 1 L$.

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