Wednesday, February 15, 2012

M's Avon, Mock group and Wild Serenity.

Just three shops today ladies so you can put on your killer stilleto's and your TP finger will not be exhausted today.
My friend Pulp Faxel told me I should have a look at M's Avon, and boy was she right. They have so many lovely group gifts that I didn't even know where to start ! Joining the group is free. But let me start with their Midnight Mania board first. It has a very low target of 10 so you do not need a hughe friend list to get those cute boots that are in it. You get 3 different colors.
M's Avon group is, like I said, free to join. And these items below are ALL group gifts and ALL available at the store. Some o fthe jewelry comes with a color change hud.
Thanks again Pulp !

Then I heard M.O.C.K. group was free to join for the time being. It is so worth to join this group ladies ! Mockie spoils her group members with so many presents, lovely make-up, blushes and even sun tans :) Look what I got from their past notices!

My last visit for today was Wild Serenity. They have many hunts going on at the moment and you get the most gorgious gowns if you find the hunt items at their store !