Thursday, December 1, 2011

A birthday gift, a 10.000 member gift, hunt items, and lots more

Today, December 1st, is the RL birthday of Sascha Frangilli, owner/designer of Saschas design. And she has put up a lovely gown in black just for 10 L$ as a birthday gift for her group members ! Congratulations Sascha and thank you!
Then I got these great shoes from Pixieplumb Flanagan, owner/designer of BabyMonkey shoes. The group reached 10.000 members and this is the gift to all her group members ! Congratulations and thank you Pixie !
The shoes are called Roxanne and they come with a color hud. You can change all colors, straps, toe ting, anklet, upper leather, nails, sole and heel.
The next pictures are all gifts from hunts in which American Bazaar is taking part. All you have to do to get them is to find the hunt items at the American Bazaar store :)
This first outfit is from the Men Only Hunt (which is actually for guys). There is a lower part of the jacket and cuffs for the pants AND a shape, I am not wearing those. You are looking for a screwdriver and the hunt runs from December 1st till December 31st.
The next outfit is the gift in the 12 Days of Christmas hunt.
The Jersey Shore is having a Twelve Days of Christmas Hunt, the hunt will begin December 13th at midnight SLT and it will end December 25th at midnight SLT. Each hunt item will cost 12L, going in theme with "twelve days of christmas."
You are looking for a silver star in each of the stores below, 41 stores, 40 stars to find! AMERICAN BAZAAR at Jersey shor.

And this outfit is the American Bazaar gift in the Kawaii Toast hunt. It runs till December 25th and you have to find Kawaii Toast. More info HERE.
This outfit is the American Bazaar hunt gift in the A Very Rotten Christmas Hunt. The hunt runs till December 31st and you can get more info HERE.
Last one at American Bazaar is the outfit from the Very Scary Christmas Hunt. It also runs till December 31st and you can get more info HERE.
Cillian'gel is participating in the Peace On Earth hunt and they have such GREAT presents hidden in the globe you have to find in this hunt. There is a male outfit (yes I know, it looks silly on me) and a female one which is so flamboyant. I LOVE IT!

Glitterati is also participating in the Peace On Earth hunt and if you find the globe at their store you get this lovely elegant gown.
Saschas design is also participating in the Peace on Earth hunt and their gift is this lovely gown !
Icewerk has a Midnight Mania board with a very cute dress on it. Get your friends over and click ladies, it is totally worth it! Besides the Midnight Mania Board they have a lot of freebies. Some are group gifts but joining is free.
See the pics below, the top one is the Midnight Mania Board item.

With the last Icewerk outfit I am wearing the cute boots I got from one of the lucky chairs at Bootgasm ! They also have a Midnight Mania board and the grey booties are from their MM board.
There is an Adventscalendar at Ginza and next to this calendar are also a few freebies. I got the lovely necklace and earrings as freebies. The Christmas tree earrings and the blue paisley ones are from day 1 and day 2 of the Advents calendar.

Crave has their Santa Chair in the store again but the letters change in a very long time, I think 60 minutes. So there is a loooong wait if you want one of their cute Christmas outfits! There is however a Questionmark board and 4 lucky chairs, and I got the outfits below from their questionmark board.

Last one for today is the new group gift by Vitas Boudoir. A lovely Pointsettia hat.


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