Monday, December 5, 2011

Some hunts, some group gifts and ADN.

Today I did a bit of hunting in different hunts, I hopped over to a few of my fav stores to get their lovely group gifts and I stood at the lucky chairs and the questionmark boards at AdN for a while. And now I am going to show you all I got there.
Firts I got this lovely gown at Furore. It is the gift in the A Very Rotten Xmas Hunt, in which you have to look for a black Xmas tree. But if you find it at Furore you get a GREAT gown.
Another gift in this hunt is by Rotten Defiance. It  is also the starting point of the hunt, so if you want to do the complete hunt better go here first. The black tree is rather big, hard to miss it.
The last gift in this hunt was found at Sakide and you get a cute black dress with fur there. Find the black Xmas tree to get it.
Then I went to the WINTERFAIR and if you go there PLEASE wear a low lag avatar, no hair, no AO, no poofers, no jewelry, no attachements of any kind, no shoes. Believe me: you can move much better and afterwards you can put it all back on.
I got this cute fur jacket at Mayden Couture for just 1 L$.
And Vero Modero has this new release (so NOT free) at their store on the Winterfair. It is called Muse dress and it is made for ice skating. You also get the lovely poses with it.
This next gown is the new group gift at Bliss Couture. A lovely sculpted gown :)
Then I went to House of Beningburough and they have 2 new group gifts at their store. First this cute ruffled pink dress.

And you can also find this Chameleon dress at HOB as a group gift.

Last shop for today is AdN. They have many lucky chairs and 2 questionmark boards and I stood there for a while. This is what I got there:

Then I discovered AdN also has a Xmas tree with presents under it !! WOW I love them !


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