Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I am no angel.

Really ladies I am no angel, not even when I put on an angel dress and a halo and wings. But I did feel like Rita Hayworth when I put on the lovely elegant gown by Purple Moon. It is their newest group gift and it is simply wonderful.
And to show you that I am NOT an angel...this dress in black and white is an angelic gift by Yesss.

There are still a lot of gift around from Advent Calendars and these ones are the last ones by 22769. You get a lovely snowman shoulder pet if you open #21. On #22 you get elegant pants (unisex) and the coat is a gift on #24.
If you are wondering what happened to #23 at 22769: you get this lovely cabin if you get the gift on the 23rd of December.
Isis gave this sexy dress on the 19th of December (gifts are a few days available).
BabyMonkey not only has great shoes, they also have 12 gifts before Christmas and this is one of their lovely gifts: a color change scarf and beanie.
KittyCats still has their Advent Calendar packed with lovely gifts. Like these sexy pants by Callie Cline. You also get a Christmas tree to decorate (not shown) and the very cute kittycats diamond ears.

Or these elegant boots by GOS, also from the KittyCats Advent Calendar.
For the cats amongst us: You also get this kitty bed and the kitty playstuff from Funky Junk Kitty at Kitticats.

Or this Waiting for the bird bed by La'Licious designs (on the KittiCats advent Calendar).
And the last one fron KittyCats Advent Calendar is this kitty cats deck by Urbanized.
These lovely skins and shape, and the pants and the snow princess sexy outfit are from the Advent Calendar at LaRosa. The gifts are still available, all of them, so it is worth to go there and just have a look what is hidden in the red socks.

Then I had enough of the Advent Calendars and I went to WhoNose, and they have this lovely dress as a Christmas present for everyone at their store.
And this lovely warm winter coat with the pants and shoes is a group gift by LUZ. WOW I love the coat...perfect for those cold winter days ladies. This is definately going to be my favorite coat this winter !!! Thanks Luzie !