Friday, December 9, 2011

Gowns, shoes and jewelry (some new releases and some freebies)

Today a blog all about gowns and they are not free. I have been blogging freebies for quite a while now and I just wanted to do ONE blog with the lovely gowns you can get for Christmas. But they are not ALL free. Some are really expensive.
So here goes.

This first gown is by Sascha's Design and I blogged it before. It is called Roodvosje and I am showing you the red version as it is perfect for Christmas parties. The Roodvosje is available in many colors. 550 L$ for the Roodvosje in 14 colors. Orange, choco, purple and azure are marked down for the time being to 400 L$.

The next gown is also by Sascha's Design and this one is much more sexy than the Roodvosje. The gown is called Dominique and it comes in many lovely colors.
The pictures I took aren't showing how lovely the gown is so I included a pic of one of the vendors.
The Dominique pink and teal are marked down to 475 L$, the normal price is 600 L$. Comes in 11 colors.

The next gown is the newest release by Sascha's design, called Noelle. I am showing you the green version (again perfect for Christmas). The Noelle comes in 5 lovely colors. I love the bow on the back :)
The Noelle is at the moment marked down to 325 L$.

Yet another lovely gown at Sascha's design is the Natalia Snow gown. It is priced just 299 L$ and the gown is worth every linden!
There are also 19 lovely gowns for just 99 L$ each at Sascha's Design (not showing you all)

Then I got this lovely Brise cocktail dress by Paris Metro. A new release and so elegant and sexy. The material is a lovely satin and it shines when you move. It comes in blue, but also in green and red, very nice to wear on Christmas day !
350 L$ for this lovely BLUE dress. The RED dress is 55 L$ and you can find it at Paris Metro on the Santorini sim.

The next gown is also a new release by Paris Metro and it is called Paris at Night. It comes in black and red and it is simply beautifull. You can wear it with or without the jacket.
The price of this gown is 1500 L$.

The next gown by Paris Metro is called Silken Mountain Gown. The color of this gown is stunning. So beautifull. Don't know if it is really a Holiday color, but it is one lovely gown. This gown is 1500 L$.
Paris Metro is also participating in the Peace on Earth hunt (POE) and if you find the globe at Paris Metro you get this lovely skating outfit. (Couldn't resist to put a freebie in anyway).
The next gown is by Dressed by Lexi and also a gift in the POE hunt (find the globe).
Another gift in the POE hunt is this great gown by Angel Dessous. You just have to find the globe to wear this lovely gown. Look at the back, isn't that to die for?
To wear with these lovely gowns you could consider the very cute shoes Virtual Impressions gave away on day #7 in their Advents Calendar.
Or you could wear this lovely necklace and earrings set by WTG with the gowns. It is the gift in the POE hunt at WTG (find the globe). They have a gift at the store, 2 corsage bangles, which I blogged before. They go great with this set.
Dryad Design has beautiful jewelry and I wanted to show you some of their new releases (and new group gifts). The Nieve Tiara is the newest group gift.
They are not free, but the jewelry is lovely to wear with the gowns above. Just take a look around in their store, click the Midnight Mania board and enjoy the great jewelry.

Or you can go for the gift Lantian is giving away in the Renaissance hunt. Find the gargoile and it is yours.
The last one for today is the elegant jewelry set Hudsons clothing is giving away in the Renaissance Hunt. You have to find a gargoile at their store to get this lovely set. (HINT: no need to go up the stairs).

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