Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gifts, Advent Calendars, hunts...oh well

This lovely dress is a gift at Paris Metro ladies, thank you Rose for this great gift !
And this cute dress is a gift at Voque !
At the moment there are many shops with advent calendars and lovely gifts inside them. I can't blog them all here, but I will show you some gifts I got from calendars at stores I love very much.
The first store is Viviane Fashions, they have 2 mini mania boards, a questionmark board, a midnight mania board and an advent calendar. The cute red Christmas sneakers, the red pumps and the red lingerie are a gift form the advent Calendar. The other items are from one of the boards.
You cannot get previous gifts from the advent calendar, but there are still a lot of days and a lot of gifts left till Christmas :)

I got these lovely earrings from the advent calendar at Virtual Impressions. And the lovely set, necklace and earrings, is the new group gift by Virtual Impressions.

The next necklace is a gift by Graffiti wear for their subscribo members.
And this great sweater with earmuffs is the Graffiti Wear gift for their VIP members.
Because I couldn''t resist the new releases by Graffiti Wear I wills how you them too. They are ever so cute !!! The top one is called Christmas mouse and it made me smile, the lower one is called Snow angel and it is a very elegant sexy dress for Christmas ! Graffiti Wear is also participating in the WINTER FAIR.

Then I hopped over to I <3 Fashion and I got this lovely necklace. It didn't rez completely for me, so I am including the pic of the store. It is the gift in the STWH hunt (Save the world hunt).

This next very nice tee is the gift at Arnadi in the Where is ...? hunt (you are looking for a star).
And LoMomo is giving their group members this lovely sexy lace dress AND the beautiful hair too ! Joining the group is free.