Thursday, December 8, 2011

Delirium & Wa*Ka and Graffiti Wear (oh my, my mistake..)

Today just 2 shops ladies and why just 2? Because they have so many gifts that I can fill a whole blog with them.

Before I start with this blog I want to put a picture here from my yesterday blog. It is the Christmas Mouse dress (which is a new release) by Graffiti wear. The sleeves didn't rez and I didn't notice it while taking the pic...but here is the pic WITH the rezzed sleeves :)
Now about Delirium and Wa*Ka:
Both shops are very different, Delirium is sexy, leather, guys stuff, rough, biker like.
Wa*ka is Japanese, elegant, kimono, nice dresses, ladylike.
Let me start with Delirium. They have a lot of lucky boards and chairs in a small shed outside their store. The LM should take you to it. If not just cam around to where most people are standing.
The letters change fast and this is what I got there. Some outfits come with the shoes and/or hair.

Wa*Ka is a different story. You have to join the group (joining is free) and then you can buy ALL dresses/gowns in the store for 1 L$. But there is a catch, click the vendor. Chose TOUCH. Then click the vendor again and chose BUY. You will get a window in which you can put the amount of 1 L$. If it doesn't work the first time, try again, it is a bit slow and a bit difficult.
I am showing you the ones I bought at the Wa*Ka store,but there are may more.


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