Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day.

Usually you get the leftovers from Christmas AFTER the 25th, but I am giving you them today :)
And just to make you smile I am going to add one of my most silly Christmas songs :)

Well not ALL are left overs, but some are.
Let me start with my favorite skin store, Unique Megastore. I got this lovely Babie girl skin....and wow it is amazing like all their skins. Can't help it, I just love them all. This skin is not free ladies, but it is exceptional good.
The skin comes in many make up options and also with opened lips.

The next skin is by LAQ. I know a lot of you all LOVE the LAQ skins, so do I. But I had a really really bad experience with LAQ customer support (actually no support at all, just basicly "bad luck" as an answer) and that is a major issue for me. However I will show you the LAQ Christmas gift. The skins are called Ebba and you get 4 skin tones.
Then I went to Adore & Abhor and I got these skins there. It is their new group gift.
These cute antlers are by Hiroro Mayo and you can find them on Marketplace.
Hiroro Mayo also has this cute hat on marketplace for you.
The next very sexy lingerie set is a Christmas gift by Insolence Lingerie sexy !
And this lingerie set is by VIPS Corner on Marketplace and you have to pay 1 L$ to get it. Maybe something for next year?
Talking about lingerie, Reasonable Desires has a lot of lucky chairs and 4 raffle balls who give out very nice gifts to you if you are lucky. Look what I got there !
This lovely gown is the newest group gift by MSN.
And this gown is from the lucky board at Worlds End Garden. The letters change fast, so be patient :)
I also went to Eluzion and I got this great dress with shoes and boots and cap from their Midnight Mania board.
These lovely shoes are perfect to wear with your lovely gowns ladies. They are a group gift by Purple Moon and they go GREAT with their newest group gift gown (I blogged that before HERE).
Another shop with great shoes is Pelleteria Morrisey. They have these GREAT boots as a Christmas gift. Thanks Jara for the tip :)
And these cute boots are free, just like the elegant bag. So are the nice white house shoes.

Pelleteria Morrisey is also participating in the POE hunt (find a globe, my hint it si look UP). If you find it you get cute mittens and a lovely bag.
And these cute shoes go great with gowns too. They are by Patula House shoes.

Last one for today is the cute warm outfit Abia Capalini put inside the globe of the POE hunt at her store. Perfect for that Christmas walk with the kids and the dog ladies.