Friday, December 23, 2011

Skins, shoes, outfits

Skins...yes I admit I am a skin addict. And a shoe addict. Oh and don't forget a hair addict. But today it is skins as I got a great new skin from Unique Megastore. The skin is called Suzy and it is just as lovely as their Artemis skin and the one I wear all the time, the Wendy skin. NOT free ladies, quite expensive actually, but the skins are simply perfect.
Below you can see the Suzy skin with many make up styles and the Suzy shape.

Then I got the newest gift by Al Vulo. WOW an amazing skin. That one stole my heart too. Gosh...another perfect skin ! The skin is called Fride.
I got a few very nice skins from the lucky boards and lucky chair at Rockberry. The ones from the lucky board are called Apple, and I got #1 and #3.

This one is called Megan and it is from the lucky chair at Rockberry. Letters change every 2 minutes.
Mother Goose's always has great skins in their many many lucky boards. I was so lucky to get 2 of them.
And in the POE hunt (find a globe at the stores) I got these lovely skins by Blush. All you have to do is find the globe.
Or you can find the globe at Dulce Secrets skins, in which you will find these elegant skins.
Another gift in the POE hunt is this one which you will find inside the globe at Lucifers Heart. You get the chair too, with a lot of poses. And the cute elf costume.

This lovely gown is a 10 L$ item at Cilian'gel. I love the beautiful fur stole and the elegant gown option with train. But you can also wear it short and sexy!

There is also a hunt going on at Cilan'gel, the Stockings hunt. Look for 12 stockings hidden all around the Boutique in Durango Winter Village. And if you find them you will be the owner of these lovely dresses !

Then I went to Sassy and they have a few great lucky boards. I just stood there for a while and look what I got ! WOW the outfits are amazing. Worth to stand there for a bit ladies.
This one is called Adorable in purple and you get the cute shoes too.
The next one is called Cute Cow, I am showing you just one version, you get a white one too.
This one is called Falling leaves. Flats are included.
And this ones name is Harlequin outfit.
Last one by Sassy: the Midnight swim suits.
The next outfit is a new release by Urban Republic Co., but it is so cute that I couldn;t resist to show you it. I love the teeshirt. Boots are included.
Last one is another new release, color change shoes by Shine. They are called Marsha and they come in many colors. You can change the color of some parts of the shoes (see the black ones).