Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SKINS only

Just a skin special because I got so many skins again :)
This first skin is a gift by MODISH skins and it is a hunt gift. MODISH is participating in 5 hunts at the moment, this is the gift in the Save the world hunt (look for a rose).
And this one is the MODISH gift in the BRH hunt (Broken Resolutions Hunt, find a scroll).
This skin is the gift in the CCH hunt (Chocolate Christmas hunt, find a piece of cake).
And this skin is a gift in the POE hunt (Peace on Earth hunt, look for a globe)
The last skin by MODISH is the one in the VSC hunt (Very Scary Christmas hunt, find a snowflake). It comes with a tattoo...
These skins and shape are a gift from the advent Calendar at ISIS boutique.
Isis Boutique also has a new release. The skin is called Sugarplum and I am showing you 3 skintones it comes in. You get a skin with black eyebrows, brown ones, red and blond. Showing you the red eyebrows. The skin is a new release, 149 L$, so not really expensive at all !
Isis Boutique also has a Advent Calendar and this is what I got there yesterday: tears...with no make up, light mascara or dark mascara.
The next skin is a group gift by BC skins & shapes.
The next skin is a gift in the Very Rotten Christmas hunt (find a black Xmas tree). If you find this tree at The Plastik this skin, the cropped shirts (short, shorter, shortest) and a lot of mouthies adn eyes are yours.
And these 2 skins and shapes are a new release by Envy Me Skins (NOT free).
The top skin and shape are called Vicky.
The lower skin and shape are called Nina.