Thursday, December 15, 2011


Somehow I keep getting Christmas stuff everywhere and it somehow was starting to annoy me...and then I heard this song by Straight No Chaser. It made me smile :)
So I was going to try a blog WITHOUT Christmas items....
Did I succeed? Wait and see.
This first lovely gown is one of over 30 99 L$ gowns at Saschas Design and it is called Jags (after Jaguar Pearl). Sascha has put up ever so many lovely gowns for just 99 L$ and they are transfer too, so perfect presenst if one of your friends has her REZday or BIRTHday (or for Christmas).
Then I got this elegant yet very sexy lingerie from Insolence. It is a new release (so NOT free). I bought most of my lingerie at Insolence and my first skin too. It is high quality ladies, worth every linden. The embroydery comes in many lovely colors, just showing you 2.

This lovely emerald gown is on the Midnight Mania board at Lazuri. Lazuri also has a new jewelry set as a group gift at the store.
And this lovely gown and cocktail dress is on the Midnight Mania board at Wishbox. It comes with the crown and the lovely wings. The sandals are also included. And you get a short and a long version.

The next skins are great to wear with the lovely gowns above or with the great lingerie. The first ones are a gift for group members at Urban Girl. The skins are called Anna and you get a tan one and a pale one with many make ups (not showing you all). And you get a shape too.

The next skins are by Shine. The top ones are a Christmas gif (did I write Christmas just now?). And the bottom ones are a new release. called Simona skins (not free). Shape is included.

This skin is a gift by JeSyLiLo at the Winterfair for their group members. Joining is free ladies.
If you are wondering where I got that cute short hair: it is from the LUCKY CHAIR at Chichickie ! YAY ├╝bercute hair ladies...and near the chair are a lot of discounted or even free hairstyles. You find the lucky chair in the basement.
The other hair I am wearing is by Biedermans. I have blogged it before, you can get it for free at Savoir hair. There is an option to change the color of the baubels, or wear the hair without them and even without the snowflakes. By the way you do not only get the red version, you get a FATPACK with hair in all colors.
More hair...ok... this hair can be found at HeartSoftens on their lucky board in the MAINSTORE.
HeartSoftens also has another little store on a Christmas sim...and there is a Lucky Board too which gives you these lovely updos in all colors.
If you are at the HeartSoftens store on the Christmas sim, please look around. There are many free items to get and many lucky boards to click. I got this blindfold with flower from one of them.
And is you are at the WINTERFAIR please go to Yulicie, you get this lovely warm sweater there. Or you can go to Tentacito to get the warm winter booties. The cute skirt is a freebie from Ducknipple.
These cute flats are also from the WINTERFAIR and you can find them at SPLASH.
If you are into boots why not jump over to Death Row Designs? They have 2 group midnight mania board with these GREAT boots on them. Joining the group is free.

Or you can go to BabyMonkey to get a pair of new shoes. That is: if your name comes up on the lucky boards ot the lucky chairs. These shoes I got from the Midnight Masnia board at BabyMonkey.
Last one for today is the lovely necklace and earrings Collisions has put up as a christmas special. 100 L$ for either the necklace or the earrings ladies.

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