Thursday, December 29, 2011

B&T Boulevard, Doomsday Sim and a few new gifts.

B & T Boulevard has a lot of Christmas gifts, They are still available and you do not have to go to every shop, they put most of them together HERE. However some are still in the shops, so walk around, look at the shops, go inside and see if there is still another gift there.
The top is by Schwarz, the stockings are by B&T Atelier and the skirt is an older freebie by Elate.
The top is by B&T Atelier, the pants are a new release by Envyme (not free).
The dress and shoes by B&T Atelier.
This outfit is by Hasi's.
This is the gift in the POE hunt at B&T Atelier (you have to find the globe at the Atelier shop).

Then I went to the Doomsday Sim. They have many red Christmas stockings out and almost each shop has one ( or more ) inside. You have to click the stocking and answer a question with YES or NO....and if you pick the right answer you get the present :)
Dress by American Bazaar.
Bubble tops, scarf, shoes and antlers, Sakide pants.
House of eyes necklace and Virus hats.
House of eyes eyes in small and large.
Ducknipple sweater, Sakide pants.
N Creations belt, Sakide pants.

Alli & Ali hair, Sakide pants, Doomsday shirt and nose, Blow up umbrella.

Over to the gifts I found. I love this one by Fleshstone. You get this great outfit and the cute bag which you can wear in hand or on your arm. There is also a 50 % off sale at the store, so it is worth it to look around for bargains.
And if you hop over to Dafnis and you join the group (free to join) you can get this great group gift which includes the boots too.
The Midnight Mania board, the unlucky dip and the lucky board prizes at Grafittiwear have been renewed and you get these lovely items if you are lucky, or if the Midnight Mania closes :). Get your friends in too :)
The leather jacket is on the Lucky board.
The pants are on the Midnight Mania board.

The dress is in the unlucky dip.
Isaura jewelry has a lovely set as a gift for us at their store, the jewelry looks like snowflakes :) WOW what an amazing gift
And the last one for today, the skin you get at Mojo skins.


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