Friday, December 16, 2011

The Bizarre Behaviour Hunt

There is a hunt going on, called the Bizarre Behaviour hunt. You have to look for a mask and the price range for all items is between 1 and 20 linden dollars.
I am blogging 2 shops today that are participating in this hunt. The first one is Sis-Boom and they have 14 items at their store. Lestat Reuven, the owner of Sis-Boom told me that the items at the store are ranging from 10-20 linden dollars at Sis-Boom. Below you can see what you can find at the store.

Sis-Boom even put 2 skins up in the hunt. But they also put a few fatpacks with tights and tops in the shop for the hunters, I styled them together, see below.

Lemania Indigo is also participating in this hunt, actually they are the STARTING point for this hunt. Below are the items you can find at the Lemania store. You can find beautiful gowns, butterfly make-up, a skin and shape, fun dresses and pants, and the outfits come with the shoes !



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