Friday, December 2, 2011

Not everything is free.

Well you are all getting used to my silly blogs, with a bit of everything, picked up here and there. This will again be such a blog, but this time I have a few things that are NOT free. So please read carefully what I am writing about the items today :)

Let me start with 22769. They are participating in many hunts this month and they have a great Advents Calendar at the store too.
This first outfit is from their Advents calendar, day 1, 2, 3 and 4! The gift on day 1 are 2 tees, one for the naughty team and one for the nice :) Day 2 gives you great pants. The gift for day 3 are the christmas horns, and on day 4 you get a snow blizzard :)

The next outfit is from the Mens Only Hunt. The name says it: only for guys...ah well I wanted to show it to you anyway :) You can get more info HERE. You are looking for a screwdriver and the hunt runs till December 17th.
The next outfit is from the Renaissance hunt. There is also a male outfit available at 22769. You have to look for a Gargoile. More in fo can be found HERE. The hunt runs till December 31st.
The last one is a lovely scarf from the Candy Cane hunt. You have to look for a cup of hot coco witha candy cane inside it. But if you find it at 22769 you are the proud owner of this beautiful scarf. You can get more info HERE. Hunt runs till December 25th.
If you are wondering what SKIN I am wearing: this is a new release by BeautyCode skins. The skin is called Sharon and it comes with many make up options AND with a sexy cleavage option too.
I am showing you the light and dark tan version, the names on the pics are the names of the make-up versions. The light version with the cleavage option.

A NEW RELEASE ladies, so NOT free, but a beautiful skin to wear :)

BeautyCode also has some great earrings as a new release, see below.
And I have another NEW release by Purrfect10 this time. WOW they have such amazing shoes and these ones are real KILLERS :) Hence the name of the shoes: Killer heels :). I am showing you just a few versions of these shoes....hop over to Purrfect10 to see more and to buy them ladies !
I bet you are longing for something free ...but the next store has just ONE free item (at least I found only ONE). It is one of my favorite stores, the owner  (Jennemm McMillan) is very friendly and a great person. She once made leggings just for me in an underwear layer as I wanted to wear them with sweaters with a pants layer !
The store is called MPD (I love that name: Multiple Personality Design).
Each outfit is between 1-3 L$ and the fatpacks between 3-5 L$. And the lovely pink dress including shoes is FREE!
I am showing you just a few exaples, the shop is packed with great outfits. The shoes are usually included.

SLC has a few very nice gifts at their store. What do you think of this lovely pale blue Christmas outfit? It is the December VIP group gift at SLC (joining fee for the group is 99 L$).
Shoes by BabyMonkey (Audrey pumps)
Or you can get the subsciber gift at SLC for this month: a lovely bikini. Not that we can wear those in December th the Netherlands, but in SL everything is possible :)
And this very cute dress is the group gift by SLC. I love it, it is a perfect Christmas outfit :) Shoes Audrey pumps by BabyMonkey.
Then I went to Vignette. The hair and shoes there are free but I got these GREAT antlers. Free! WIW I love those birdies on the ice covered string.
Last shop for today is Viviane Fashion. They have an Advents Calendar with lovely gifts. I got this very elegant outfit there. High tops are included !
Viviane Fashion also has a Questionmark board, which means you have to guess where the same picture is as the one which is shown on the board. It is rather random, but I got these 2 lovely outfits there.


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