Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Special Part 2.

Yes here come sthe rest of the Christmas outfits I found on Marketplace. Or did you think I only found GOWNS? No I found a lot of fun outfits ;) So today the more naughty dresses to wear at Christmas.
How about this cute Santas Helper outfit by Jazmyn D?
And I found some more Santas helper outfits, like this green one by Elena Ellsmere. It is one 1 L$ to look this sexy on Christmas day ladies...and you get the hair, hat and shoes too.
Or you can wear the Daphne Boutique Christmas gift. Another cute sexy outfit. 1 L$ for this outfit which comes with the hat, gloves and boots.
MHIA also has a very sexy short Christmas outfit for you in their Marketplace store.
The next outfit is by Barbie Princess and it is called Xmas gift. I feel like Barbie ladies, except for the red hair :) 1 L$ for this Cjristmas outfit.
I found another fun christmas dress by Bargain Bazaar and it is called Santa Baby. Perfect to wear while sitting on Santas knee ;) 1 L$ for this cute red outfit.
Bargain Bazaar also has this cute Rudolph the rednosed reindeer outfit at their Marketplace store. It will set you back 1 L$ to look like Rudolph this year ladies.
I love the antlers with the Rudolph outfit. I also found antlers and a Rudolph nose at Virtue Mocha and it is 1 L$, but you get the pants, the warm top and the Ugg boots too.
Elenico Eternal also has a sexy short dressy for us all in their Marketplace store. I love the fur trimmings.
You can also find fur trimming on this lovely green top by BSN, called Holiday spirit green. Comes with the cute hat. Again 1 L$ for this cute top and hat.
If you are looking forward to a realy sexy Christmas you should find Nadas store on Marketplace. She has some crazy lingerie offers like this KINI outfit.
Or this PINK Christmas outfit, again at Nadas.
But the traditional color for Christmas is red, Nadas also offers this smexy lingerie in red.
More sexy lingerie? OK here about this cute red lingerie, or actually how about these cute red bows? Wouldn't you make the perfect present at Boxing day? It is by BDR and it is called Unwrap me :)
Well you can't wear lingerie all through the Christmas days. I bet you want to go outside for a nice walk in the snow, or just to have a snow ball fight, or make snow angels. In that case you will have to wear something warm, like this elegant winter outfit with earmuff and scarf. It is by Helena Elsemere and it is 1 L$.
Or like this warm Lady J outfit with a warm fur hat. The outfit is called Victoria. 1 L$ for this lovely outfit but it will keep you warm all winter.
Enelyas Creation has Emmas Christmas as a warm outfit in their Marketplace store. Comes with hat and booties. When I got it it was free, now it is marked 49 L$ !
Secrets Hair has Elfie as a gift in their store. It is a lovely hairstyle with a warm hat. It is a fatpack so you get all hair colors. Just showing you some examples.
Last one for today is the cutie set I found at Adoness marketplace store. You will find the lovely hair, the warm bonnet and the cute mouthies in this pack.


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