Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas special part 1.

As Christmas is coming closer and closerI thought it would be nice to make a Xmas special with some really nice, cute or elegant items and outfits I found on Marketplace. Not all free, but not expensive either. So here goes...
How about this lovely elegant gown by Cazimi Design? It is called YULE gown, but I look like a snow queen in this lovely gown :)
Or you could go for another great YULE gown by Cazimi design, this time in red.
If you like to wear gowns on Christmas day maybe this one is a gown for you? It is by Creative Chaos. Perfect it you want a white Christmas this year :) 1 L$ for this lovely gown ladies. Comes with a veil too (for role playing)
Another lovely gown is this one by MiLady. Warm red velvet, elegant gown. Milady charges you 1 L$ to wear this beautiful gown.
I also got some lovely shoes from Milady in red with fur...perfect to wear with your winter outfits.

The next gown is also red, but much darker. It is by Lady J and it is called Crissie. The gown is 1 L$.
I am wearing Babel hair with this gown, which is a hairstyle by HairCreation. 1 L$ for this lovely updo ladies, but only in this color available.

Another hairstyle that goes GREAT with the gowns I am showing you toay is this elegant updo by Maiden Couture. I love the little presents in the hair :)
Also 1 L$ for this lovely hair, comes in several colors.
Then I got 2 lovely gowns by Diana. It comes in green and red, so I got both to show you. RED can be found gere, GREEN can be found here. Both come with shoes.

The next gown is by Crazy Pastry design. It is a fun gown, you can also wear it as a jumpsuit. The colors remind me of Christmas Candy and that is also the name of the gown. 1 L$ is what you have to pay for this fun gown, but comes with shoes too.
The next gown is also 1 L$ and it is by a shop called 1 L$ shop. The skirt moves so the patern looks a bit odd on the pictures.
Yet another great gown is this one by Chemical Kisses. The gown is called Adreanna and it comes with the hair, a skin and shape. 1 L$ ladies for this Victorian gown.
This gown is also by Chemical Kisses and it is called Amelia. Again this gown is 1 L$ and it comes with the hair, skin and shape.
If you love green (like I do) maybe this lovely gown is the one you will chose to wear on Christmas day. It is by Squeeze and it is called Midnight Dreams.
To wear it you will have to pay 1 L$.
Then I found some really great jewelry to wear with these lovely gowns. How about these elegant green bangles? They are by Persefona.
Persefona also has some lovely earrings to go with the lovely gowns. Like these ones, they are peacock feathers.
Or you could go for these earrings by Persefona. Little Christmas presents dangling from your ears :)
Another great set is this pearl set by Luthien Unsung. It is a lovely blue set, perfect for the holiday season. You get a necklace, earrings, a ring and a lovely bracelet.
Just for fun I want to end this blog with a few short fun dresses for those ladies who do not like to wear gowns. Well you could go for this cutie, it is by Valeeva and it is a lovely short dress.
Or you could decide to wear this fun Christmas dress by Happy Laughton. It is just one linden dollar but a very cute dress.
Maybe this is more a dress for you? It is by Static Clothing and it is a new release (so NOT free). Comes in many colors.
The last one for today is a dress that really made me smile. I love this fun Christmas Tree dress ! It is by Sweetcakes and it is yours for just 1 L$.