Sunday, December 18, 2011

Advent Calendar at 22769, at Baby Monkey and a lovely gift by Gizza.

This lovely impressing gown is the newest group gift by Gizza. It is one amazing gown with 3 skirt options, are simply no words to describe it.
I love the elegant baubles on the gown and teh extravaganza. Thank you so much Gizza !

Then I went to 22769 because their advent calendar is AMAZING. They have lovely gifts, like the Christmas hoofs (#16 in the advent calendar) or the slack pants (#17) and the elegant linen blouse (#19). Or the lovely pillows with animations (#20) And ofcourse the warms winter scarf which is hiding behind #18.

22769 is also participating in the ADDW hunt and if you find the hunt item at their store, you will get this warm hoody. The hunt runs till January 15th.
This is the 22769 GROUP gift for december.
The item for the Gallery Gift Shop event is this lovely poncho outfit for ladies.
Then I went to my fav shoe store, BabyMonkey. They have a lovey 12 days to Christmas tree where you can get the most lovely gifts IF you are a group member. Thank you so much Pixie !!
Look below for the lovely gifts.
Lovely white boots with color change socks #1.
Great earrings #2
Lovely color change bags #3
Great red boots #4
matching necklace with the earrings #5.

BabyMonkey also has several lucky boards and 2 lucky chairs and a midnight mania board, don't forget to look for those too, as you can get so many nice things there, like the shoes I am showing you below!

The last one for today is the lovely green sweater G&N gives away as a present for the FabFree group.
Join the group and check notices ladies.