Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday ...cold, grey...

Today it is cold and grey in the Netherlands and I have nothing better to do than to make a blog :)
Hows that ladies? An oldfashioned blog with lots of freebies, some non-free items. With hair and skins, with cute outfits...and with shoes.

So I bet there is something for you on this blog too :)
Let me start with hair. Gesamtkunstwerk always has the most extraordinary hair you can find, and this is their group gift for December!
The hair by Alli & Ali is so versatile. Short, long, curly, straight and always beautiful. They have 2 new group gifts and 2 new voting gifts which you can get at the Alli & Ali Mainstore.

The Yurika and Ace hair is also available on their action wall, which means 50 % off for group members !
Then you can find these hairs on the Alli & Ali Marketplace store.

Seldom Blue has a very lovely Christmas gown as a special at the moment. You can get it for just 99 L$ which is a steal for such a lovely gown.

While you are at the Seldom Blue Store do not forget to pick up the lovely lingerie set for just 1 L$ too ! Wow it is amazing !
Then I went to BDR. They have some great new releases and they also have a new freebie at their store. The freebie is a c cute sexy dress, called Smexy Xmas and you get it in green and red.

The first new release by BDR is called Keep me Warm and it comes in many colors. Showing you the BLUE version. BOTH of these new releases are 99 L$ each and they are presented on the WINTERFAIR.
The second new release at BDR is called Winter dream. This outfit also comes in many colors and there is a white dress under the lovely vest (not shown). I am showing you the red version. This outfit is also 99 L$ at the WINTERFAIR.
Purple Moon is taking part in the POE (Peace on Earth) hunt. You have to look for a globe and inside you will find this lovely coat and the booties. The leggings are not included.
Purple Moon also has a new group gift at the store, which is perfect for Christmas. The necklace and earrings look like iceicles.
Then Sleeping Koala is also taking part in the POE hunt. Find the globe at their store and this outfit is yours.
Sleeping Koala is also taking part in the Winter is coming hunt and this is their price in that hunt.
EnvyMe has a new released skin, called Lola and I am showing the tan version.  
Censored is also taking part in the WinterFair and they have these lovely skins aa a new release at the WINTERFAIR and the Melissa hair too. The hair comes in all colors, just showing you the red version.

Mayden Couture is also taking part in the WINTERFAIR and they have some lovely new releases on this fair too. I am showing you just the cute Soana boots (they come in 6 colors) and the elegant warm Guily dress, which comes in 7 colors. Showing you the red version.
The last one for today are th e lovely pants and sweater I got from the Midnight Mania boards at Sakide. Love the winter white. Perfect for winter wether :)