Monday, December 12, 2011

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

I have a few skins for you today, a shape that I actually LIKE and some really cute Christmas outfits. And ofcourse some more goodies I picked up along the way.
Let me start with something that really struck me. I actually found a SHAPE I like and it is not the one I made. I couldn't believe it as I do not like most of the shapes in SL. They make me look angry or unsatisfied (I hope that is an english word). But this one finally is not only a good shape but also has a friendly face ! it is by Naturally You and the name of the shape is Aurora. It is a new release but it is only 10 L$.
The right shape is my own shape just so you can compare.
Then I found a few great sins to wear with this shape, like the group gift by LaVie skins & shapes. It is a lovely icy skin and you get ice clouds to wear with it too.
This skin is a skin by Mojo and it is their group gift for December. You also get the cute Christmas outfit. Joining the group is free.
I found some more skins at Isis Boutique. They are from the advent calendar at their store and they are called Sugarplum Nougat, Mai honey and Mai Cream.
The skins come with a shape too (showing you the skins on the Isis shape and on my own shape).
They are gift #11.
The cute socks are gift # 10 and gift #12.

Then I jumped over to Viviane Fashion to get their Advent gift, and I got this lovely grey dress whith the shoes. Gift #11.

Viviane Fashion also has 3 GREAT new releases, a lovely warm winter set with a cute pink jacket and 2 tops, jeans and flats, called Zoe. (not free)
But also this lovely gown, called Sandrine, which comes WITH the shoes. (not free)
But my favorite at Viviane Fashion is this cocktail gown, called Hillary, which also comes with shoes. (not free but not expensive either).
Urban Girl has 2 new gifts for group members. Join the group and check notices to get them. The pants with jacket set is called Look #3 and the white dress is called Look #2.

Then I hopped over to Crave. I haden't been there for a while and I remember they always had a very nice Santa chair. I was pretty lucky because when I got there there was an R on the chair and when I sat down there was another R on the chair again. So I got 2 lovely outfits from Santa. And why was that very lucky? The letters change every HOUR, so it is a long long wait.

A good thing is that Crave also has 4 other lucky chairs and a questionmark board which gave these 2 outfits to me.

The last one for today is a new release by SLC. The green one was the 60 L$ weekend offer, but I guess it is back to the normal price now. The dress is called Santas girl and it comes in blue, green and red. The detailling is GREAT.