Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Christmas shopping?

Today just a few nice dresses and stuff perfect for your Christmas party in SL. If you didn't get that special dress yet, maybe you should head to BDR. They do not have a special Christmas gift due to personal circumstances, but the sexy dressies I am showing you below are just 50 L$ each. They are the Christmas gift by BDR.

Also the XXX-mas hunt started at BDR and if you find the hunt item at their store you will get these sexy dresses. Info about the hunt HERE.
Cilian'gel also has some GREAT sexy and fun Christmas dresses for FREE ! The green one is called Got Ho? and the one with Rudolph ofcourse is called Got Rudolph?

To wear with these dresses the shoes Isis put in their Advent Calender are perfect ladies! Isis also has some great sexy tops hidden inside their Advent Calendar!

And what do you think of these beauties? They are the Christmas edition by Purrfect10. You can buy then inworld at the Purrfect10 store for 199 L$ or you can visit their Marketplace store and pay just 169 L$. If you do visit the Marketplace store please leave a review?
The big news is that a lot of popular skins already are build in the shoes so you just have to pick your skin and the tone and your shoes will be a purrfect match :)
The next gown is a gift in the POE hunt (find a globe) by Angel Dessous. I am wearing lovely shoes by B-style, called Lindy shoes, with this elegant gown. (The gown is blogged before).

And this elegant gown is a gift at Pink Hustler. You have to be in the group though (joining is free). Next to the gown there are plenty lucky boards (group only) too. Thank you Pulp Faxel for the tip.
The poses are by Poseur.

You could decide to wear the Christmas necklace which I got at Aurora Borealis with either one of these gowns. It is another gift in the POE hunt.
Or you could go to SG's design and take a look at their mini mania boards! They all contain a part of this GREAT jewelry set, so be patient and get them all (and get your friends to click too ladies).
SG's Design also has this elegant blue set for just 10 L$.
And this lovely necklace is a gift in the CH2 hunt at Just You Jewelry. You have to find a santa hat to get this great necklace.
BabyMonkey still has their 12 days before Christmas gifts in the tree at the store. They are group only, but6joining is free. And Pixie put the most wonderful gifts inside the baubles of the tree! Like the ring that matches the necklace and earrings (earlier gifts, I have blogged them already). Or the great shoes. Or a color change belt which you can match with all your outfits!

And Viviane Design has some lovely Christmas gifts at their store (and in their Advent Calendar). I love the 2012 sneakers, and the outfit is GREAT, so many options to wear it...

Last one for today is the kittybed which is a gift from the Advent Calendar at KittyCats. The gift is by Mudhoney.