Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lovely things for December

I found some really lovely dresses and gowns to wear in December! Like this lovely blue gown by Empyreal Dream. It is a group gift (joining is free). And it comes with a pair of very sexy shoes too !

Or this great gown, which is a gift in the DIM (Diamonds is Mine) hunt. You have to find the diamond at Wildz Creations to be able to wear this lovely gown :)
Another lovely gown is the one that is hidden inside the diamond at Avatar Bizarre. The diamonds are not that hard to find ladies, so get on your hunting clothes and hop over to hunt those diamonds.

Zenith is also participating in the DIM hunt and they have another lovely gown hidden inside their diamond. Very romantic, perfect for the cold December month !
And Rotten Defiance has again an elegant gown hidden in their diamond. It comes with a cute umbrella and it moves like water, go looking for that diamond !
Vero Modero has a very special gown inside their diamond. It looks to me like a wedding gown, so if you have plans of getting married in December...why not look for the diamond at Vero Modero?

Or if you want something quite different, go to Angel Dessous to find the diamond in the DIM hunt and you will get this nun like black gown. Very elegant and very modest.
If you are more into cocktail dresses, why not find the diamond at Simply? They are giving you this great dress with necklace IF you find the diamond.
Or find the diamond at Leri Miles Design and get this cute short dress to wear.
Another shop that is so generous to give away a lovely dress inside the diamond is Has Been. I love this cute red dress, reminds me of Santa who is coming soon.
To wear with these lolvely gowns or dresses you could go to FineSmith and get their December group gift. You get great sexy nails and a pair of matching booties.
Then I got a very nice new skin which was a group gift by Heartsick. There is also a male gift :) The skin is called Rumour and you get the colors Euphoria (dark) and Muse (lighter). And YAY it comes with FRECKLES !!! Thank you so much Amesha !
I got a very nice model shape from SG's Design. I am showing it with my own shape so you can compare. It is 10 L$.
SG's Design also has a few great necklaces with a skull in their store, the eyes are in different colors stones. 10 L$ for each one ladies.
Last one for today are the 2 outfits I got from the Midnight Mania boards at b[ELLE]issima. I was picking up their group gift (blogged yesterday) and I clicked both boards.


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