Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sometimes I have this purple feeling... part 2.

Today part 2 of my purple feeling. But this time the more sophisticated gowns and stuff, however there are also a few sporty items on the blog.
But let me start with this elegant gown by EA Damasco. It is a lovely pruple gown with a nice bodice. You have to pay 1 L$ to get it (there are more colors available).
The hair I am wearing with this gown is by Edelstore and it is called Tanja. 1 L$ for this lovely hair which  I colored in EDIT -> textute tab -> change color.
I am also wearing this hair with this beautiful Midnight dream gown by Pixelated design (1 L$ for the gown).
The jewelry I am wearing with the gown above is called WINGS and it is by Hmean (Hate me and eat me).
Then I found this gown by Jaqueline. Again a lovely purple gown, and I styled it with the Ascha hair by Edelstore (1 L$ for the gown).
With this gown I am wearing the Ascha by Edelstore and the lovely jewelry set I got from Eolandes store. A beautiful set with earrings, necklace and bracelet. Goes perfectly with the lovely gowns. I colored the hair in EDIT -> texture tab -> chose color.

I found some more jewelry by Violet Voltaire and this set is 10 L$ but it is a lovely set to go with your beautiful gowns. The hair is by The Hair Factorey (blogged yesterday).
And how about this great set by Mayoness? It is 1 L$ ladies, but a great set to wear. You get a bracelet too.

I am wearing this lovely jewelry with Zero Cool shoes (found for 5 L$) and the great country dress by White Rose.

I found some more great dresses, like this one by Luz. I love Luz design, it is fresh and elegant and so is this dress. A cute dotted dress at LUZ Marketplace store.
The lovely shoes are by Choooz. They are not purple but they still go great with the dresses. 1 L$ for these lovely shoes.
Or what do you think of this elegant dress? It is a 13 piece set, with many options to wear. The dress is by Jinx and you can find it HERE. Shoes are by HOC Industries (not free but all very affordable, meaning colorchange shoes are 175 L$ per pair or less).

The next dress is called Moonlight Sonata and it is by Rhapsody and it has a stunning backside. I love this boho feel dress :) You can find it HERE.

Last dress: this great violet dress by EA. It is highly detailed and just a beauty to wear. 1 L$ for the dress. Shoes by HOC Industries.
Over to some silks and lingerie. I hardly ever blog silks, but sometimes you want to look sexy and hey...why not? Look at these ones...they are by Pekas.

Or you can chose these ones, they are by Jaqueline and they are 1 L$.
Jaqueline also has a very cute baby doll dress at the Marketplace store, also 1 L$ and also kinda purple :)
Last one for today is a sexy lingerie set by A&G, called Sexy Princess (1 L$ for this set). I am wearing hair by Alli & Ali with the lingerie, called Imika. It was on one of the Midnight Mania board by Alli & Ali. The shoes were blogged yesterday.