Friday, December 30, 2011

Hunts hunts hunts...and you have to be fast

There are a few hunts going on in several stores but they all end this month so you have to be FAST. Let me start with the hunt at JeSyLiLo.
First of all: there are a few very nice gifts under the tree at JeSyLiLo. Like these pants and skins !

JeSyLiLo is also participating in the Zombie Popcorn hunt (find the bag with popcorn and a zombie) and this is the gift inside the popcorn bag.
Then there is a hunt going on, you have to find the letters of J E S Y L I L O. But if you do find them (they are quite easy to spot) you will have these items below. I have put them like the letters are J E S I L Y L O.
Sweater = J, shoes are L, pants are a gift under the Christmas tree.

Full body tattoo.

The hunt at Censored is called Reveillon hunt. There are 18 gifts at the store and if you find all hunt items you will have some great silver and gold outfits, shoes, skins and nails (there is no picture of the nails, sorry).

And this is the Sienna skin by Censored.
Hop over to Analog dog to get these lovely free hairstyles ladies. They are called Point B holiday gift. The long curly hair is called Madison hair. You get a lot of hairtones. And some with extensions. The cute pony tails are called Quest, also a fatpack of colors. And the cute 50th look with the curls and the color change hat is called Washu. when you land look around, there is a green circle on one of the walls with GIFT on it, next to the pics of the hair.