Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sometimes I have this purple feeling...part 1.

Do you have that too? The feeling when you wake up thatyou have to wear a certain color that day? Maybe not, but I do ! Some days are red, some are yellow or green...but the day after Christmas was for me a purple day.
So here are my purple (or kinda purple) outfits for today.

This lovely hair is by The Hair Factory and it is called Nelly coral hair and you have to pay 1 L$ to get it. I changed the color to purple by clicking the hair, chose EDIT, then click the texture tab and color. You can change it to any color you like.
The cute sexy dress is by CandyMetal and you get a pack of 3 also for 1 L$.
And this cute dress is by Love Hurts and you can find it HERE. I styled this dress with a cute bag by KKBB and with a studded belt found HERE.
The purple shoes are actully light purple and I changed the color just like I did with the hair. You have to click EDIT LINKED first, before you can change the shoes otherwise the skin on the foot will also be purple. The shoes are by WCI (West Coast Influence) and they are 1 L$.

The hair I am wearing with this cute purple dressy is hair by Edelstore and it is called Tanja. I changed the color of the hair. 1 L$ for this lovely hair ladies.
I am wearing this hair with the RAGS short and tops which I found HERE. You get 3 different colored tops. I styled the outfit with the studded belt I blogged above.
The next dress didn't need any styling, it is a short sexy dress which is perfect to wear to the beach. It comes with the sunglasses and the beach bag.
 It is by TLC and it is called Tiola Loves Beach. Agian 1 L$ for this dress ladies.
The cute shoes are by BabyMonkey from their lucky chair.
Then I found these ripped pants by Sakide and the lovely purple top, also by Sakide. They go great together !! The black booties are by A&A shoes (not Alli & Ali but Abbhi & Ann) and they are 1 L$.
I styled the pants and top by Sakide with the elegant belly chain with jewel I got from Two Sistyers jewelry. You have to pay 1 L$ for this lovely belly chain.
And this cupcake dress is by LadyCupcake and it is also 1 L$. I am wearing the hair by M&M and it is called Indira hair.
The next dress is by BDR and it is called Lilac Obsession. I am wearing the M&M hair with it.
This summer dress is by Hudsons Design and I styled it with the shoes I got from Jareth McMahon.

Marketplace is one of my favorite places to find items. Like this dress by L'Esprit. I styled this dress with the shiny bright boots which I found HERE. You can chose a stilleto heel or a square heel and the boots are color change.

The last one for today is this sporty track suit with 2 tops and a jacket and shorts or slacks. The tracksuit is by Jolie Lumiere and you have to pay 1 L$ to wear it. I am wearing the color change sneakers by Vlad Blackburn with the suit so I can go jogging after eating way too much on the Christmas days.


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