Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Calendars

A lot of stores have put up a Christmas Calendar and you can get some great gifts from the generous shop owners. I visited a few, the first one is from 22769. They have a lot of excellent gifts hidden in the packages under the tree, but you have to go there every day to get them. The previous gifts are no longer available ! This is what I got there.
Gift #11 necklace, #13 sweater and #14 pants.
Gift #12 sweater and #14 pants.
Gift #14 pants and #15 sweater
Isis has also a Christmas Calendar and the previous gifts are a few days available, so you can hop over there and get the one you skipped. This is what I got there.
Then Viviane Fashion also has a Christmas Calendar and the gifts are only available for one day, so you have to go there every day if you want a nice gift. This is the yesterday gift, and no longer available, but each day there is a lovely gift :)
Viviane Fashion also has a questionmark board and YAY I got a lovely outfit :)

LaRosa also has a Christmas Calendar (cute socks hanging in the store) and the gifts are available from the beginning, so you can still get all the gifts I am showing you and more.

LaRosa also has a pair of GREAT sandals, they are texture and color change with a hud and you have a zillion ways to wear them. Showing you them below, they are called Elanza and they are just 99 L$.

Pretty Lady doesn't have a Christmas Calendar but they do have a tree with 3 gifts under it (the letters on the gifts change) and a Santa chair. I have been very nice this year so I got 2 presents under the tree with R and a nice gift from Santa too.

Crave also has a Santa chair and they have 4 lucky chairs and a questionmark board too. The letters on the Santa chair change every 60 minutes, so you have to be very lucky...but hey if your letter comes up you for example this nice brown warm winter outfit. The other outfits are from the questionmark board.

The last one for today are these cute boots by Bubble. You have to find the Santa cap from the CH2 hunt at their store to get them.