Saturday, December 24, 2011

The day before Christmas..

The day before Christmas I want to show you some really nice gowns. And hair. And shoes :)
Anyway, let me start with this elegant gown which is completely FREE at Sascha's Design. Sascha's Designs owner, Sascha Frangilli, won the AVI award for best female designer and as a "thank you" she gives away this gorgious gown ! Congratulations Sascha and thank you :)

The next gown is not free, it is a Christmas release by Sascha's Design, called Novice. The gown is available at the new release section of the store.

And if you had enough of all those Christmas gowns maybe you would like to wear this elegant outfit, called FalBala and it is also a new release by Sascha's design. Comes in many lovely colors ladies, and for the time being two of the Falbala outfits are just 199 L$, in the new release section.
The next gown you can find under the Christmastree at Emo-Tions. It is a lovely Christmas angel gown and it comes with the hair and shoes ! WOW !

Emo-tions also has a lot of other gifts under the tree, look below !

Virtual Impressions has some lovely gifts hidden inside their Advent Calendar. You cannot get the previous gifts but you still can get the one for today !
The lovely black hair is a new group gift by HairArt.

Another great Advent Calender is the one at BabyMonkey. I got the last 2 gifts, day #11 and day #12. Lovely shoes and a matching bracelet with the lovely necklace and earrings from the previous gifts. All gifts are still available but you have to be in the group. The cute purple shoes are from the lucky boards at BabyMonkey.

And this lovely gown is by Augusta Creations and it is a new release (98 L$).
This next dress is a gift to group members at Vitas Boudoir. A lovely fun dress, comes with the shoes.

The hair I am wearing with this dress is by Diva and it is their 25.000 member gift ! Congratulations Diva ! And thank you !
The ahir somes in many colors and you also get a short option (the pony tail is removed).

Then I hopped over to KittyCats for the last gift. It is by Glitterati and it is called good kitty/bad kitty.

And the last one for today is this lovely hugable Santa which is a subscribo gift by Anymore.