Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all, may 2011 for you be filled with happyness, joy, love and peace and 40 groups to join and great new free dresses and gowns, shoes, hair, jewelry and fun shopping days :)

So today in this new year I am going to start with Myorkas dreams, or Eterity Mourning, and they have a MM board and a cupcake with prices and in their subscribo they have plenty gifts. See below. Some items shown are from the MM board (the gowns) and some from the lucky chairs. Most from the subscribo.



They also have a hughe box with older free stuff, I just are showing you a few which I thought were nice (the big bag is also in the subscribo)


Then I did the Magical Make Over hunt, which is a small hunt, you are looking for 15 little bottles all over the SIM. But you get a COMPLETE make it is worth the hunt :) The first bottle with lovely eyes you can find HERE.




The next shop I found was Vero Modera.


Magika gives away this lovely New Years hair for free.

And Elegant Epiffany has some GREAT new make up in their store on the MM board  AND one special for the group members.

At the Lucky Board at BUKA I got this lovely jacket, the buttons and the trimming are color change with a hud. Boots are by Baby Monkey (not free)

And at the Lucky Boards at Mezzo I finally got the very cute necklace (took me ages...) and I didn't have the patience to wait for the bag too.

Clowes gives away this lovely dressy as an opening gift.

And UW gives this cute dress as a present...

And finally on the wall at Modd you get these cute rücksacks.



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