Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lots and lots and lots more

Today I have so much to blog, I am sure it will not all get into ONE blog message, so it is hard to chose which ones to blog first.
OK let's start with some MM boards. The first one is at American Bazar.

The next ones are at Angel Designs.

Silver Rose also has MM boards and I got the lovely dress.

Earthstones has the most lovely jewelry and they also have a MM board. With a lovely hairjewel on it :)

And JEM has 3 MM boards. I have been standing there for over 2 hours and NOT ONE R showed up. They had a few freebs in store though, but it was very disapointing.

ENVY has this lovey dress on their MM board.
Magic Fashion gives away this more than lovely gown for a short time.
And Blacklace has this BEAUTIFUL sexy lingerie as a gift in store. WOW AMAZING ! The bear comes with it !

One of my favorite hair shops is giving away MY favorite hair in blond as a group gift for january. To get it you have to join ChiChikie hair ladies. So how do you like me as a blonde? And do I really have more fun now?

Enkythings, one of the first shop on my FAVORITE list when I was a newbie, has an outlet where all things are just 1 L$. Look what I got there and be jealous :) But I am giving you the LM so you can get all those lovely things too. I love the Courtisane boots, but I also love the dresses...and there is much more in the Enkythings store.


Last one for today are 2 items from the Seasons hunt. The sweater can be found HERE at the Rumour (buy the snowman) and the pants can be found HERE at Young Urban (buy the snowman). The lovely boots are an older freebie from Babymonkey.

Happy shopping ladies :)

PS. I made these pics with the sky set like HINT said. Thank you, it was a great hint :)
Let me know if you think my pics are better or worse :)

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