Friday, January 21, 2011

Meet my alt.

I still can't log in with my regular avatar so I had to use my alt to get all the special free offers and to take pics with her. She isn't half as cooperative as my Redfox it was quite a struggle to get her to wear and model the clothes, shoes and hair. Don't tell me the pics are awful. I know that. The photostudio belongs to Redfox Rosse and not to Redfox Rembrandt (my alt).
OK and who in her right mind would get an alt with exactly the same first name (which is a one of a kind in SL , as it is in dutch). I DID ! YEP I DID !!!

This Redfox needed new hair and I found it on Marketplace. I blogged it before but for those who missed it, here goes:
The hair is by Beautiful Dirty Rich and they have many freebies and dollarbies on their site at Marketplace. The red ones are colorchanged by me, it is not the original color from BDR.

And this cute hair is by Edelstore and it is called Joop.
And this hair is by Trico, in SL. One is a group gift (joining is free) and the rest are freebies in the store. The last pic is hard to see (couldn't change the background) but she is wearing a white hat.

She also needed SHOES ofcourse, have you ever seen the shoes you get when you are a newbie? You wouldn't even wear those in the dark :)
Good thing I found her some cute shoes on Marketplace.
These are by KKBB. I also got a cute top by KKBB lower on the blog.

And these are by 7Style and I got loads of clothes there too, they will be lower on the blog.

And in SL I found Yogi. They have a mm board (got the shoes from that one) and they also have 4 Lucky Chairs.

And these lovely green pump are by Diane Debevec, on her MM board.

She also needed a skin, but I got that from Rockberry and I blogged these before. They have 4 Lucky Boards and one lucky chair in their store, letter change every 2-5 minutes.

Ofcourse she needed loads of clothes and as she is quite a tomboy and not like Roodvosje Rosse a very elegant lady, she went to different places. 7Style was one of them.


The DRESS was found HERE.
The 2 different PANTS were found HERE and HERE.
The very cute red top is not by 7Style and can be found HERE.

Airflow also had a few goodies (pants, jacket and leather jacket) for her in store. WOW she is not really looking like a newbie anymore :) They are a group gifts, joining is free.
The blue TOP is not by Airflow, it is by ShagHair. The boots are blogged before and they are by KKBB. The bag is also by KKBB and you find it HERE.

The other things I found at KKBB: this lovely TOP found HERE and the cute BELT, found HERE. The pants are blogged above, 7Style and the shoes are Dianas shoes, also blogged above.

Edge Grafika is special. They have fun mix and match stuff on their site at Marketplace and I let my alt mix and match her style. We both had FUN doing this :) Take a look at the GREAT bracelet too. LOVE it. The socks, skirts, pants, the great black dress and the bracelet all free by Edge Grafika.

The elegant black and grey pumps worn with the Edge Grafika clothes above are found HERE in monochrome and another fatpack in all colors HERE.

The cute tops from Edge Grafica go great with the mini skirts I found at NirSar.

And then she told me she wants to be SEXY too so I found her 2 lovely sexy dresses (the gloves are NOT included).At Lick me I am famous (yes made me laugh too)

And then she said she wanted to go out in style too and needed some gowns. First one I found was by Seldom Blue and it is a lovely pink gown. The shoes are a freebie by Tara.
But the lovely necklace and earrings are not to be missed and a gift from the easterbunny at Cero Style (yes I know...Osterhase is German for Easterbunny, I can't help it, just click the bunny)

One gown wasn't enough for this brat so here is another one, a Valentine gown by Edika Kohime.

The last dress is by MrS (Mr. Sigismund) and it is a white lace dress in chinese style. He also has the cute chinese like hair in his store on Marketstreet.
The pink shoes are a freebie by Tara.
And I saved THE BEST for last. This lovely jewel set is by GANKED, they have so many lovely sets in their store and the prices are really KEWL. This one is from their MM board.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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