Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mixed and more mixed

Hello ladies, today I have a hughe mix again. I will start with My Precious because I LOVE the dress which is a freebie in their store. WOW it looks great. I styled it with the 1 L$ jewelry by Arata Shouten. Shoes are by BabyMonkey (groupgift, join group and check notices).

To my surprise and joy I saw that Janie Marlowe is back. She has been one of my favorite designers ever since I started in SL. A while ago she left SL but she is back. Her store is no longer called Mischief, it is called Jane but the quality of her designs is still the same. I am showing you the freebies in her store. Skirts in 6 colors and tanks in ALL colors. And a lovely bear to hug. She also has lovely free scarfs in het store. The hair with the hats and the bow are freebies by CriCri.

Then I found a few items from the SEASONS hunt.
First this one, it is by Epoque. The bags are by Y&R and they come with an ice cream and a latte. The belt is free and it is by OW (Onyx Wear, join group and check group notices- joining is free).

Royal Blue participates in the Seasons Hunt too. The dress is styled with older free jewelry by Shiny Things and free bangles by The Trading Post.

YU is also a participant in the SEASONS hunt, look for the SNOWMAN !!! The green tops are by JANE. Shoes are by BabyMonkey.

From the EUPHORIA hunt I found hair by SYDS and a very cute jacket. Look for the big purple E (you have to wear the group tag, joining is free).The pants are free guys pants by Nevermore.

I styled the pants also with the free top from the MM board at NEIN.

The shoes I am wearing with this outfit are from Marketplace (shop is called DBT) and you can find them HERE (not free, they are 5 L$)

Thelast lovely freeby is by DOCS. WOW...very cute. Her other outfits are 5 L$ each so worth to go there and have a look ladies.

And that is it for today girls. Enjoy your evening or day and HAPPY SHOPPING !

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