Sunday, January 9, 2011

Things from all over SL

It was one of those sundays today girls, I was looking through my inventory, thinking I HAVE TO CLEAN UP...and while doing that I found a fewnice things to blog, so here goes for sunday 9th of January.

Beatnik gives away quite a few freebies (jewelry, short skirt and leggings), all very nice, look below. The last pic are only the LEGGINGS, not the tops.

Romantic shopping has 2 lovely gifts, Haywire and Waterfall.

Yesss has also a few very cute dresses. Some are free, some will set you back 1 LS. Still nice to get them :)

The shoes go great with the outfits (LOVE the spikes) They are not free (BabyMonkey)

Tops only

This lovely Snowflake dress is a gift by Tomara. It is so feel like a princess in it.

From elegant to very sexy. This lingeree outfit with the fur stole is by Voluptia. WOW ...let's feel sexy ladies. You can wear the stole with any evening gown ofcourse :)

The next outfit is a top by Divine Beauty and cute pants with legwarners by STC (BOTH are gifts in the FABFREE group)


I am a TREE...YAY got this cute tree outfit from the FABFREE group. It is a great group to join.

I can't help it, I LOVE SKINS...I love shoes too...or hair...but I found these very lovely skins at Heartsick. WOW ...freebie...go get them, they are cute. And you get 2 skintones with each 3 different cleavages.

 And I found a few poses. I hardly ever blog poses, but these are nice and free. You can find them HERE

Then I decided to get drunk. I have been standing at the lucky chairs at Ribbons for such a long time and didn't get drinking seemed a good option. Good thing Ribbons helps you with a red nose make up, the tab in your mouth and ties wrapped around your head :) Its'a dollarbie on their counter.

Happy shopping ladies and don't get drunk :)

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