Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday and all I do is shop :)

Hello ladies, it is sunday today and I spend almost my whole day shopping. Well not real shopping, but photoshopping.
So this is what I came up with today:
This lovely black dress is by Lo-MoMo and it is found on Market Street.

I went to the Dolly Mall and they have plenty MM boards and what I got there is shown below. It is a skin with linked joints and a dress with a key on the back.


I went to a few special shops today, Yak & Yeti is one of them. They have the most lovely Indian clothes for men and women, and lovely Indian jewelry. All free.

The next shop was Kishi and they have 2 hunt items in store HERE (look for dice) and HERE (look for a snowflake).

Luvs free shop has the next items in store for all of us (look through the book in the corner and use the menu to get the free items, it is very laggy though)

As I am a painter I couldn't resist the easel :)


Neko Kan has 2 Lucky boards and I got these from the LB:


OK over to the hair section: I love hair...and this one is from the LB at Nodoka. They also have a dollarbie on the floor in their MAIN shop.

The next free hair is by Truth.

And this free hair is by ArGrace. They come with and without earmuffs.

Hudsons gives away lots of freebies in their shop, look for the red bows on the vendors, those items are free.


Mother Goose gives away these lovely skins on their many Lucky Boards.

Last one is Vicarious Vitea and they have loads of freebies for group members (joining is free)...and a few MM boards.


              Enjoy shopping ladies :)

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