Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clothes, hair, shoes, skins, what else do you need?

No need for a platinum credit card ladies, because I found all for free. Sometimes it takes a bit of waiting at the lucky boards or lucky chairs, sometimes the MM boards do not close, but with a little patience and luck you can find all you want for free.
Look at the SUPER gown from the MM board at Ragdolls. I feel like a snow princess :)

Fellini  has a lovely dress as a subscribo gift. It is in white and comes with the cute bag. The lovely shoes are blogged yesterday (not free, 5 L$ on marketstreet).

Dewi has loads of free dresses AND a lucky board in their store. The bag is by House of Fox. The cute dotted skirt is by Petit Pont. The bangles are a freebie from the Trading Post.

I missed a few items in Luvs free shop last here goes:
Doesn't the first one make you feel like you are Eve in paradise?

Hori has lovely winter jackets on their lucky boards. They come in all colors. I got the leather jacket this time and 2 great winter jackets in black and purple. The same jackets cam be found at Pearl - shark attack (so 2 places to get them) Letters change fast.
the kimono is from the lucky chair at Hori.

The green tops are by JANE. (colored scarf also by JANE)
The pants are by YU (Seasons hunt, look for the snowman)
The worker boots are from the lucky boxes which you can find HERE.


Milky Way has the cutest valentines outfit on their lucky board. I styled it with the belt from Onyx wear (join group, check group notices). Flats by LAMY (see below)

LAMY has a lucky board but they also have a questionmark board. I got the cute flats from the questionmarks :)

Then I jumped over to NEIN and got this outfit from teir MM board. The pants are the same ones I blogged yesterday, by Nevermore (guys pants, but hey, they fit me too)

The next shop was SCAR, they have lots of group gifts in store and joining is ofcoyrse free. Everything on my blog is free, if not I will tell you (like dollarbies or 5-10 L$) SCAR has these cute skirts, the tops, the necklace, the shoulder pet and the cute hair too :)


Secret of Passion has 2 lucky chairs and what you get there is what I am wearing in the pics below. Cute tops, keyholder, sunglasses, outfit with hair and boots.

OH I couldn't resist to go to Patula. They have plenty dollarbies. I got the most sexy boots there in a deep purple.

Last one are skins. I got the one on the LEFT at Pikinik. They have 2 lucky boards. The other ones are by MotherGoose and if you have been there before you already know they have about 20 lucky boards.

That is it for today girls.

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