Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today it is all about HAIR girls, and who doesn't like free hair?
OK I went to Savoir Hair and to Curio and Exile.

Starting with Savoir hair: all the hair in the shop is 0 or 1 L$. You get fatpacks with all colors. (not showing you all).
The GREATEST hair is the one by Biedermann in the shop, it is a lovely updo with many possibilities: you can wear it with or without stars or balls and you can change the color of the balls. WOW, do I love HAIR !!!

The next hair is by Calico (in Savoir shop):

Then I got this hair at Savoir and it is by ChiChickie.

Next is Savoir hair by Darkerside. The flower is colorchange.

And Savoir Hair by dD,

 And Damselfly, also at Savoir Hair.

Savoir also has Rosywood, looks like a fairy tale princess.

And Pazzaz hair, also at Savoir Hair

And MAD design hair also at Savoir.

This last short hair is also at Savoir, forgot who made it.

 Curio has this lovely gift in store for group members :)

At Exile I got also some lovely hairdo's. They also have male hair on the freebie wall and a lovely updo which I didn't I have to go back :)

PS Today, 13 of january is my REZ day :)

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