Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In a french mood...think Coco Chanel.

Yesterday I was in a french mood, Paris 1900 and Paris Metro. I felt like a Parisienne and today I visited Coco & Co ...named after the famous Coco Chanel. WOW great clothes :) They are closing down, so I have no clue how long the clothes will still be there.
Look what I got from the presents on the floor, they contain parts of 3 lovely outfits in pink, beige and black and white. Dresses, shoes, boots, hats, bags, hair flowers, gloves and a cute jacket.

The other dresses are free in the store. All in Chanel style.
Most of the outfits come with shoes, bags and all accesoires. You even get jewelry Chanel style and glasses. AND to take all your outfits home: a pushBIKE !


Isn't this VERY Jacky O?


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