Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh yes she stole all the freebies...

YAY I can log in with my regular avatar again, but the problem is that yesterday my alt gathered all the she had to model all what I am going to show you today. I truely hope you don't mind this brat on the blog again :) She found some goodies though.

First she went to HNF and got this great dress. The necklace is a part of the Donna Flora Christmas gift found HERE (and blogged before).


HNF also has 4 lucky boards and some more freebies in store.

Then she went to 1-800 Betty and got this lovely dress :)
The cute shoes are the same I blogged yesterday and found here on Marketstreet.

Next shop was Addict because they participate in the Seasons hunt (look for a snowman) and they had these CUTE boots as a present.
The booties are great to wear with the tops found at KHUSH and the sexy skirt at Pesca.

Pesca gives this skirt away as an opening gift, but they also have a very cute sweater in the store as a freebie. The hair with hat is from the Season Hunt (look for a snowman) and found at Clawtooth. It comes in 4 colors.
The jeans are from Doppelgänger and also from the Seasons Hunt.
And guess what? The WELLIES are also from the Seasons Hunt and found at FIR &MNA.
In the next pic the shirt is by HNF.

The cute skirts by PESCA and SEN (yes they have a dotted skirt as a it) are great. They go perfectly with the Cupcakes tops, at their outlet these tops are free in all colors.

SEN also has dark green tights and a warm winter sweater (also for guys) as a gift in the store. And a few Lucky Boards too.

Beertje Beaumont makes lovely jewelry and wonderfull art. You can all see it in her store HERE and don't forget to take the free bracelet and click the MM board.

OK my alt couldn't resist te get a better skin and she went to MotherGoose and got these skins from their many MM boards.  And I know Jeremy is a MALE skin.

Last shop was AdN. And WOW...they have freebies (skins, hair) and they have a group gift (joining is free, click info -> notices to get the gift) and they have plenty lucky chairs and questionmark boards. Look what she got there !
The clothes are soooo very sexy :) (some sets include shoes or boots)

Lots of free hair in the box ! Not showing you all.
The skins are actually very good and and even with FRECKLES.

Tomorrow my regular Roodvosje will be here again...HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES :)

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