Saturday, January 29, 2011

DillyDolls, Inspired, Eelegant Epiffany, Inzane, Jazmyn D and HOX sexy lingeree

It is saturday today and time to think about what to wear, what make-up to use and finally how to seduce my lover :) Or your lover :)
So I hopped over to the lucky boards at DillyDolls and I was lucky as you can see below :)
The tanks are actually male tanks and the scarfs I am wearing with the tanks are group gifts by Arata Shouten. The blue outfit is also a male one believe it or not.
The shoes are by BabyMonkey.
Don't forget to slap the MM boards at DillyDolls too.

Next in line was Inspired. They have 2 freebies in store, one for the GUYS and one for the GIRLS. I got both and you can guess which one is the male or female gift.
They also have a few MM boards but they didn't close when I clicked them.

My favorite make up specialist are Elegant Epiffany and Glamorize. This time I went to Elegant Epiffany and they have this lovely make up on their MM board.

Inzane has a lovely red dress with shoes (not keen about the shoes, but they come with the dress)

I love to go to Jazmyn D. She not only has my taste of clothes (elegant yet sexy) but she has many freebies in the store.

Bags are by Essentia.

Last one for today is the VERY sexy lingeree from Diva! (H.O.X.) It is on their MM board and well...judge for yourself...could you seduce your lover wearing it?

Happy shopping ladies :)

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