Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paris Metro

I enjoyed myself so much at Paris Metro that I decided to shop around on their sim and guess what? I found plenty nice gifts. There is one thing I do not understand though...some shop owners have GIFTS in their store but you have to pay 1 L$. Why don't they just call it dollarbies? Makes it more clear...
Anyway: ALL I am showing today is found at Paris Metro.

These lovely earrings are a gift by NC Paris (they also give away the cute gesture and the shopping bags)

Purple Moon has this lovely cocktaildress as a gift in their store. All at Paris Metro ladies.

Jay Gee gives away this lovely outfit.

EG Italian Style has this elegant dress as a gift.

Next one is a CHTH gift and you can find it HERE.

Over to the HAIR section, this sexy hair is by MINA (and I colored it red...but it comes in a lovely red golden color).

This lovely hair is a gift by A&A and they also give away hair for guys. Click the purple box on the floor. This pic is taken using the hint that was given in chat. Thanks :) (the other pics were already taken...sorry)
I changed the original color into red (easy to do in edit)

Vanity Hair charges 1 L$ for this unusual hairdo....which I didn't color :)

And ofcourse you need shoes to go with those lovely outfits. Diana Debevec has these lovely ones as a gift.
I think the light ones were a gift at her store in Saschas mall though, not sure.

This next lovely gown is by Glamour Style. WOW...love it.

This lovely ring is a FINESMITH gift in the store.

Next 3 shops charge you 1 L$ per gift...first one is Lady Mor, second one is Elisea Carter last one is INTERDIT. Gifts are nice though.

Happy Shopping ladies :)

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