Saturday, January 15, 2011

Something old, something new...something red, something blue, something Dazed and some shoes TOO

Something old today girls, Bubblez, one of my fav shops has renewed their stuff on their lucky boards. WOW...can't resist that...
I got this lovely feather cape and a few outfits, but there are plenty more to get. Group is needed but joining is free and wuth 42 groups...we all have enough groups :)

I love the details on Bubblez design ! Like the hairdresser outfit, or the black pants below.

Something new...
we all like new stuff don't we? So here goes..
A ned monthly gown at Dressed by Lexi. Very elegant and I tried a new picture style too.

Something red...
At Ancayi I got this shirt with a lot of blood on it from the WIZ hunt (look for the magic wand). And boots (lucky board),  and another shirt...from the TSK hunt.

Something BLUE...
I also went to Blue blood...they have 3 LB but I didn't get a BLUE dress...still the name of the store is BLUE :)
Am I clever or what?

Something DAZED:
At Dazed is a sale at the moment, so a very good reason to pop over and have a look for new clothes. And while you are there, don't forget to pick up their  subscriber gift for free !

The basket and the match sticks are by BP and free gifts.

This cute hairdo is a hunt item at IREN ladies. It's a small red hat on the floor which contains the hair.

Some shoes too:
Pixieplum from Baby Monkey gives away these lovely color change toasties (not in their main shop). You can change the color of the shoe or the they will go with every outfit (and they have a resizer script).

And while we are talking about SHOES...these are by TARA and I found them for free on MarketStreet (youa lso get them as a subscribo gift - I blogged this before)

These elegant cuties are by VDL and also on Marketstreet.

And these cute boots are by KKBB and they are also on Market street.

Twisted and Spoiled has THREE lucky chairs girls and guess what? I was LUCKY !!!

Last one: Spideys Freebie shop are plenty LB too and I got this cute play suit :) Don't ask what games it is used for...and the jeans set is from their LB. I will blog about the freebies in store later :)


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