Friday, December 31, 2010


First of all I want to wish you all a safe end of 2010 and a sparkling beginning of 2011. May this year for you be filled with love, peace and happyness.

And my last blog of this year I am starting with MyUglyDorothy. They have 2 lucky boards and I got the first skin a few days ago, now I was so lucky to get the second skin too. Here goes:

Next I got some more skins...2 from the lucky boards at Dimbula Rose. The hair I am wearing is a Christmas present from ChiChikie (blogged before).

The next skin I got was from PinkINNik (former Ice Coco) and they have 4 lucky boards.

And I got some skins from JE Republic. They are having a hunt in the store, well it is not really a HUNt as the gifts are easy to spot in the shop. 10 Gifts are put there, some are free, some cost 1 L$. I didn't get all, what I got is shown below. The skins were in 2-packs or single.The shoes are by Baby Monkey (not free)

Talking about skins: you need HAIR to go with the skins. And I got some lovely hair at Dark Mouse for free (comes in all colors, fatpack).

But the hair from EXILE (under the tree) is AWESOME ! Ohhh I am so going to wear that tonight :)


Graffitti wear has a MM board and a lucky board but I was not lucky on either one. They also have a lucky dip and I got the outfit from the dip :) The hair item is a gift in store.


GizzA has this lovely dark blue wool dress as a gift in their store and the Baby Monkey shoes go so great with it :)

Aidoru gives all guys and gals a lovely necklace under the tree for free.

And Elegant Epiffany has new make-up on their MM board so jump over and go click ladies and while you are in the stores I blogged: take your time to look around ....the designers are all so kind to give us free stuff but they also need to pay the rent...

While jumping around looking for freebies I found this great dress AND an outfit for your man to go with it. Lovely spanish gown with shoes and hairpiece. By Antiquity.

Last one to blog is Nizhi. They have quite a few freebies in store, you have to find them though. Use the pics as a guide ;) I am wearing the Curio gift skin here with the Winterflush make up (also a gift, both blogged before) Looks like I am getting a cold *smiles*.



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