Thursday, January 20, 2011

Couture Boulevard and VelvetRythms

My avatar Roodvosje Rosse has been ghosted and I cannot log in anymore unless I am using an alt. Which avatar doesn't have all my LMs. So ladies this blog will be a little different... I am sorry for that, but I am sure you will like the lovely gifts I found.

I went to Couture Boulevard and lots of shops there have GREAT freebies. I had the LM to ALL the items, but like I said: can't get to them. I will give you the LM to Couture Boulevard and you have to find the shops yourself.

First I got this exclusive dress by Aleida. It is quite special and original.

Then I got the hughe box at CCC and all below is inside the box ! Even the shoes !

La BuBu has this cute jacket which goes great with the previous red gown.

House of Rfyre gives this lovely belt away in their shop.

Bliss brings a smile to your face with this very sexy lingeree set. The necklace is a freebie from GANKED. (box on the floor, necklace is called Something Old)

Haute has a sweet black dress as a gift and we all know: you can't have enough simple black dresses :) (left)

Ador Fashion (right) also has a super dress with stockings as a gift.

And MEB has a homey set, shirt and capris. I would wear them inside with the cute warm slouchy socks by BabyMonkey. They go perfect with it.

If you want to go out in style go to My Precious and get the lovely red gown. You can wear the lovely necklace in gold or silver with it, free by ByKay. And ofcourse the great shoes by !B.


Last one is by GS (the dress) and GameFrequency (the bracelet, which is a game thing, it asks your friends truth questions by clicking on it)

I am sorry you have to walk around and find your own gifts...but hey shopping is FUN :)

At VelvetRythms I got a few lovely dresses from their MM boards. I told you a few days ago I clicked them and YAY I got the items here goes:

The link will land you at the landing point and there is a board with arrows to the MM boards.
Happy shopping ladies :)

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