Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lil hunt at Somapop and ONE skin

Hi girls I found one great skin at !DPD in their lucky cupcakes (remember yesterday, I had no clue if the cupcakes were real prices or not...well they give away at least a skin too).

The rest I am showing you is from a little hunt at SOMAPOP. You are looking for 27 SP monograms in pink and they are quite easy to spot. They are all over the SIM so not only in the shop. And what you get is shown below :)
The LM will lead you to one of the SP monograms. The rest you have to find yourself.

Cute dresses, sweaters, tops, pants, face make-up (in this case also bandages) a headband, pyama's with slippers and a cute bag, rings, a belt, skins...too much to mention (and I didn't take pics of the poses you also get).




Happy shopping ladies :)

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