Monday, January 24, 2011

Reiko, Gizza, Frenzy, MDL, Essentia, NirSar, OMG and RagDolls

Hello girls. First I want to answer a question (someone asked me what my alt wears) : my ALT is wearing a shape I made myself, the hair is from Beautiful dirty rich at marketplace and her skin is from the lucky boards at Rockberry.

My original avatar is also wearing a shape I made myself, the skin is a groupgift by Curio (no longer available) and the hair is by Chichickie (Noelle), which was also a groupgift.

The first shop for today was a stop at Reiko. They have 2 cute dresses on their lucky boards, in black and white. I got both. Shoes and hairbow come with the dresses.

The next shop was Gizza. They have plenty freebies and group gifts in store. Below you can see what I got there. I am also wearing the group gifts for guys, but hey...they look great on me too, so I am not complaining :)

Frenzy asks 2 L$ for this cute belt to wear with all your pants and jeans. Frenzy also has 2 lucky chairs.

Then I hopped over to MDL. They have a very cute top in their store, which I am wearing with the pants blogged yesterday (House of Benningburrough) and a cute bag by Essentia. They are worth to get ladies, the bags are great.
MDL has a few more gifts in store :) and a few dollarbies too. The clown make up is also by MDL. Bag by Essentia. Boots by BabyMonkey.


Lucky boards ar MDL

NirSar was the shop my alt visited but as she has no Linden dollars at all, she couldn't get the dollarbies in the store. But I got them :) Look below :)
The cute bags are by Essentia. Essentia gives away shouder bags, handbags and evening bags.

Then I landed at OMG, and I really said OMG because they have so many cute things I wanted to have. Good thing they give quite a lot away :) I love the cherry in mouth...or the necklaces ...or the bangles...ok I loved ALL. Some are free, some are group gifts (joining is free)


And this is me with my credit card in mouth...also a gift by OMG.

Last shop for today was Ragdolls. I always love to go there, they have great clothes and loads of freebies. And 2 super MM boards (one is group only)
I found the MM boards HERE.
The hats and glasses were found HERE.
Their Lucky boards is HERE.
And the free (hippie) clothes are HERE.

 Happy shopping ladies!!

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