Friday, January 7, 2011

Freebies and dollarbies of all kind

Today I found a few very cute dollarbies and loads of freebies.
Here goes: THIS is how I look after shopping for sooo many freebies for you all. The outfit is by G&N and it is free. The jewelry and bags are blogged before. Flats come with the outfit.

Next shop I stopped at is one of my favorites: Bubblez. I got a few new items from their lucky boards. For a few is the group tag needed but joining is free.


Then I went to Salires, wow they have MANY dollarbies....and all as cute as a button. LOVE them. Booties by Babymonkey (not free) and by Bax Coen (not free).

Auram has a lot of cute outfits for all of us in store too. I still am very cold so I really am going for the warm sweaters and jackets in the stores LOL.


IZM has a very cute jacket as a 1st aniversary present in store. It is 1 L$ but sooo elegant and so nice to wear with all kind of jeans or with a sexy skirt.

Kyoot has a very cute gift dress in store (free) and a glittery vest (see the smaller pic) and I took a pic with several items from different stores...(Kyoot, Nautica and LOGO)

LOGO has a cute gift bag from the POE hunt and inside are these very lovely necklaces.

Nautica has the pirate shirt as a hunt gift (look for a spiderweb)

Indie Rose gives away 2 lovely scarfs as a subscribo item. One is with flower, one without.

The Rumor has these lovely poses in store for you. Just in case you wonder how I keep fit...I use these poses LOL. And they have the cute bow too as a hunt item.

I wasn't lucky at the lucky board at Neko Kan but they have 2 lovely dresses on their LB so I still wanted to show you these.

 And the last one for today...!DPD ...I hoped I would get a real nice cupcake present but...I got these. Not sure if they are boobie prices or not? They have many MM boards too.


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