Monday, January 10, 2011

Paris 1900, Paris Metro, Flirt boutique, Evergreen, Kamrek, SLC, Ti Amo, Firewall, and Insatiable Fashions

Hello all who are visiting my blog. Hope you had a good day, and I truely hope it was as good as mine. Cause I got a lot of new items for you all.

Paris 1900 has 4 most lovely vintage gowns for free on the cart at your landing point. I love those old fashioned gowns...don't you? With the hughe hat and the bum train...lovely. And you can pick your fav color too. With the blue, black and white gown the necklace is included. The red gown doesn't have a necklace, the one I am wearing is by GANKED - (blogged before).

While I was in Paris I stayed in the French mood and visited Paris Metro and they have this lovely green dress as a gift. WOW. I feel like a parisienne.

Next stop was at Flirt Boutique. They have a very cute hunt item and a freebie dress (the pink dress is  the hunt item).

Evergreen has a very nice Kimono as a group gift in their store (joining is free) . They also have 2 lucky boards. And free tights :)

The next stop was at Kamrek and they have two hunt items in store HERE and HERE. They also have a wall with freebies.

SLC has also a hunt going on, look for the globe from the POE hunt and you will get this lovely red dressy.

Ti Amo has a MM board with the most lovely bracelet. I got it :) Isn't this lovely?

Firewall has 4 lucky chairs and I got a skin and lovely blue eyes. The skin is excellent, worth a wait...They also have a dollarbie wall with jewelry.

Last stop was Insatiable fashions and I got a LOT there.
Don't forget to look for the magic want there from the hunt...


Happy Shopping ladies :)

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