Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend...and some more shopping to do :)

Hello ladies, it is almost weekend and if the weather on your side is as bad as on my side I bet you will do a lot of SL shopping. Not only because it is warm and dry, but also because it is much cheaper than RL shopping :)
First I want to show you the skin that came as a group gift from Heartsick. (join group and check notices).
IT IS GREAT ! If you are wondering what the diffrence is between the skin on the left or on the right: CLEAVAGE!

Then ofcourse the free monthly gown at Saschas design. A lovely white gown and you can buy extra skirts to adjust it to your taste. You need to be a group member and joining is 50 L$ BUT you get all previous monthly gowns, about 30 pieces. They are on the wall in black boxes and in vendors next to the new monthly gown.

What else did I get? If you are a member of the FabFree group you get this lovely hugable bear as a valentines gift. It is made by Lost Eden.

The dress I am wearing while hugging the teddie is by Moe Kiss from their lucky board. Shoes are color change (AUDREY) by BabyMonkey (not free) Babymonkey has an outlet though where you can buy shoes really cheap (10 L$).

I found a few other lovely dresses at KLOKA, one is at their main store, the other in their other store. Both are free.
The hats are also a freebie in the store (with hair)

Arata Shouten has a few very nice group gifts in her store. Love the bunny outfit :). The skin she gives away is very light, so the pics are also very light...There are also lucky chairs on the 2nd floor of the shop. Love the hair with the different cute hats :)


Condemned Design has also lots of lucky boards, a questionmark board and a MM board, so loads of freebies there girls


The pink outfit below is also by Condemned Design, the bags and the cute shoes, booties and jewelry are by Chuculet. You have to be a member of the Fabfree group to get these gooddies.

 Over to the HAIR section. This lovely hair is by RASPBERRY and it is free.

W&Y had 4 dollarbies in their store.

And A&A gives away this lovely hair on their MM board.

Diavolicious gives you the cutest dress....It is made for your balletclasses ladies...and the cute red ballet shoes by BabyMonkey go GREAT with it.

Nightshade has 3 lucky boards and a lucky chair and a MM board. Their designs are a bit Goth, but I love it. Some are very sexy :)


Last one for today is NEIN. I got this lovely jacket (or is it a dress) from their lucky board. Comes with the stockings and you all know by now that BabyMonkey is my fav shoe shop.

So for today again HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES !

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